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Emperos Palace
Lack of maintenance: Blocked toilets dirt no water

Yesterday, we visited Empores Palace and to say the least, it was shocking to see how it had become a dump. From a year ago until yesterday, it has been a disaster.

The toilets were a disaster - blocked and with food and drinks being served right next to the stench. This should be a serious concern, as there was no maintenance in sight or warning signs, despite knowing that hundreds of thousands of people attend.

It was disgusting to see how filthy the kids' gaming area was, with no cleaning of the machines and controls, which were all sticky and dirty. There were also no or very few containers for the coins. The lack of service and help was apparent, as we had to rely on other visitors for assistance. Furthermore, there was no security in place, especially in areas where kids are the main source of income. It was filthy and disgusting.

Additionally, the quality of the tickets won from gambling machines was terrible - just plastic junk with no value. It didn't matter how much you spent on coins.

The gambling machines were exactly the same - no help from personnel and no cleaning. This is degrading to the service and maintenance and poses a major health risk, as it could lead to a serious outbreak of disease.

There was also a problem with the selling of movie tickets, as customers were not informed about the different options available and the most expensive option was sold first. Families come to enjoy and get the best value for their budget, so this is unacceptable. I have given Health and Safety Private Company the task of conducting inspections and making necessary changes. A serious investigation should be considered.

At the movie snack bar, the staff were chewing and popping bubblegum, and it seemed like they were doing us a favor by serving us. We also noticed a lack of footage and security maintenance.

Overall, it was a disgraceful experience. You should seriously investigate the lack of service in terms of health, safety, and security issues.

I will take the necessary steps to appoint people who can assess the situation in what is supposed to be a safe and clean environment.

If you cannot maintain the required standards, then you should consider closing down. Load shedding is not an excuse for the absence of basic services such as toilets, toilet paper, soap, clean basins, and toilets.

Food and sewerage should never mix. It is disgusting!!!

Knowing the most vulnerable babies and kids are left unattended in dirty, filthy games that are not kept clean. Basic services are non-existent!!!

I expect your urgent response as I am going further...


Company: Emperos Palace

Country: South Africa   Region: Gauteng   City: Kemptonpark
Address: Kemptonpark
Phone: 0761101542

Category: Miscellaneous


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