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ATM malfunction

I deposited cash at an fnb atm on Tuesday night and during the process the machine started to reboot and when it came back online, it was completely out of my transaction. I still haven’t received any of my money. I am not getting help from anyone. All I get is automated responses. I am going to ...


Good day Grinaker is currently working/building the road R380 between Hotazel and Stokkiesdraai. I’ve been driving this since 2012 every day from Kathu to my work in Black Rock. This road that we have to drive on is in a very bad condition and have never been this bad since Grinaker have started ...


No words, I ordered from a Jamie Lee a Wed special, she did not even listen properly and had no clue what she was doing. She asked my name and said she will check if my order is out allreade and I did not even placed an order yet, then after placing the order I still got the feeling that she don't ...