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Isabella garcia
Unauthorized debit

I cancelled my make up order more than a week before it was suppose to be deducted from my bank account the first time, however they still deducted the money. I have contacted them several times and always get the same message: Isabella Garcia International Good day Karen✨ Thank you for your ...


Good day, I hope you are well. We upgrade our contract to 50mps from 25mps. We told the sales representive that the wifi signal is very poor on 25mps. He told us to upgrade to 50mps so it can come better (User id: VDWESTHUIZENJ). We still have problems after a month of this new contract. Our ...

Complaint-review: Uber South Africa - Charged unfairly

Uber South Africa
Charged unfairly

This morning, I requested a ride from PTA CBD to Monument Park, and the app indicated that the ride would arrive in 5 minutes. A few minutes later, the driver arrived, and I sent him a text asking where he was waiting. To my surprise, I received a notification that my ride had started, so I had to ...