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Where is my deposit Janine Swift estate agent east london For the past 2 months I have been fighting with estate agent Janine Swift to get my deposit back, to start off Janine made me and my husband believe that we are renting from Trafalgar properties, as she gave us a contract to sign on the ...

Natrent properties
Deposit payout SCAM

I rent unit 5354 Windmill Park Estate for 5month only, numerous pairs was made since we moved in mostly water leaks in the bathroom and they would send out people to come and fix than the leak comes back just a month or so after it was fixed, i served 2months noticed as per the contract and i ...

Alec Massel Boksburg

The worst service ever. I moved into a flat in December 2019, fault list was returned before the cut-of date, it is now 6 months later and still repairs have not done, then you get told the geyser timer on the board is not their responsibility so why did they not remove it when the previous tenant ...