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Sausage Saloon
Absolute rip off!!

I went to winchester sausage soloon and I don't understand how anybody them can still be in business! I paid almost R100 for Russian and chips which were absolutely disgusting tasting and definitely not worth that amount! I did not receive a slip and was told the price is the price. I don't mind ...

Cattle Baron
Rude manager

I was at Cattle Barron's Constantia. there was a issue with one of the customers order. The Manager Hilary shouted at the waiter calling him incompetent, this was done in public. I did not appreciate my meal being disrupted by a manager shouting at a poor waiter who made a simple mistake. totally ...

Mug and Bean
Poor quality food

Special advertised for soups ;looked good so i decided to order the Moroccan soup as the photos looked as it would be like a nice hearty meal. On arrival it was just blended mush with nothing inside as per photo, when complained to the manager he stated that the photo just showed potato as garnish ...