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Every time I come to Kevro There is a que out the door Staff that could care less People standing not being guided. Worst service ever How they are still open I have no clue Never coming back here again I would rather give my money to a small scale business ...

Mbd lc
Payed up letter

Had an account with truworths and I couldn't pay it so they handed my account to MBDLC, I contacted mbd to make an arrangement for me to pay the account with monthly instalments via debit order.I finished paying the account in ever since I've been calling them to send me the paid up letter but I ...

Damaged new shoes

Sometime towards the end of December 2019, I took my new pair of wedge sandals to Levinger’s Cresta to extend the strap of the shoes. The gentleman that I found at the shop, assured me that the strap can be extended. He took my shoes in and told me to come back after an hour to try on the shoes. ...