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CHOPD Bad queue management, no care

The CHOPD Department has become worse and worse over the years. Filled with student Doctors who are more concerned with chatting to their peers, overseeing each other patients for their own learning and parents time than assisting the dive children that fill the Children's Ward. Day in and out you ...

Kingsway Hospital
Mistreating patients

I’m a patient at Kingsway hospital. I was miss diagnosed and almost sent home by a Makombi “doctor”! Luckily a brilliant surgeon came to see me before I left and told me I was full of gallbladder stones and a kidney stone. She saved my life. The staff at Kingsway hospital needs more training! It’s ...

Fat Loss Lab
Fat Loss Lab

I wish I had gone with my gut and believed the bad reviews. Firstly when I purchased the product I received someone else’s plan which wasnt very far off from mine. I think its a scam asking for someone to pay so much money when everyone's plan is only a few grams here and there different - I dont ...