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Provident fund

I'm working at Carlisle lodge and our contract was terminated, (. Geratec). The H. R has a meeting with us and ask if we want our money are answer was yes. The next week he decided there will be no payout. Then we have another meeting with elexander Forbes a lady that said we can have 25persent of ...

P N A Lydenburg
Pair of scissors

It was Thursday at approximately 13h00 when my husband and I visited the store to return the pair of scissors that we bought for our daughter, since the school told us that they don’t need it. My husband went straight to the lady and told her that we wanted to return the pair of scissors since it ...


Order ID: ele00015654 Candy Garage door banner. The banner did not come with any usable mounting hardware. Only some useless plastic clips. As advertised it should have had brackets that go over the top of the door and elastic straps that go under the door. Very disappointed. Greg. ...