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7 December 2023

Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is Rod Sing.

I thank you for giving so generously of taking the time to read my complaint.

At about 06h45, on Tuesday, 5 December 2023, my tenant, Jacob Saile, handed me a Small Claims Court Letter of Demand. SEE ATTACHMENT

Jacob Saile told me to read the document and that I must sign it and he would collect the signed document from me later that day.

I read the document as it looked official on genuine Court stationery with an official Court stamp, but I was concerned that the document appeared to be in Jacob Saile's handwriting!

I thought this was strange but was prepared to cooperate with him as the final demand appeared to be on official court stationary and had an official CLERK OF THE COURT STAMP on it.

When I read the contents of the letter, I was surprised that Jacob was claiming that I had to pay him R3000 OR allow him to stay on my premises until the amount of R3000 had been paid to him for apparently giving him short notice to vacate my property!

Jacob had made this suggestion to me when I told him to leave my property to pay me a late rental for November 2023, which was due on 25 October 2023.

Jacob's wife told me that she was not prepared to pay me rent as she did not consider the premises to be adequate, and to her liking and was very aggressive about it.

There is a lot more to this which will come to light when we go to court if Jacob issues summons against me.

I was prepared to contest this final demand as it was quite ridiculous and I was unaware of such a law, so I completed and signed to document.

However, when Jacob Saile came to collect the signed Final Demand he asked me to complete another Final Demand of the Small Claims Court.

The second document was blank except for the official CLERK OF THE COURT STAMP on it.

Jacob Saile asked me to copy the contents of the first document onto the blank second document.

I took the second document and thought that this was very irregular and strange.
I thought it was very suspicious Jacob Saile had a blank official Small Claims Court document with an official stamp on it but there was no content!

It is my understanding an official will only certify a document until they have completed and read the contents, and then certify the document.

An official would never certify a blank document on official stationery for the holder to complete at their will!

When Jacob came to collect the second official document from me I asked him how he obtained an official Letter of Demand of the Small Claims Court stationery with an official CLERK OF THE COURT stamp, but the contents of which were completely blank!!

Jacob said that he forgot to give me the official blank final demand document to complete as a copy, but I said to Jacob that if he wanted to make a copy he must go to the copy shop and scan the document.

I told Jacob Saile that asking me to complete a blank official document on official court stationery after it had been certified was highly irregular and possibly fraudulent.

I told Jacob that I refused to complete the blank official document as it was fraudulent and sounded like he was in collaboration with a court official.

I told Jacob that he was making up his laws with his demand of R3000 from me, which I said was extortion on his part, that the allegations against me had no basis in law and were ridiculous, and that Jacob was delaying vacating my premises.

I said that the second blank final demand was fraudulent and that there was a strong possibility of corruption and collusion with a court official to get official documentation with no details on it!!

On Wednesday at about 08h00 on 6 December 2023, I went to the Honeydew Police Station to report the Blank certified Final Demand and to find out who I should report it to.

The officer at the Honeydew Police Station said that he had never heard of the allegations in the completed final demand, but I needed to go to the Randburg Courts to lay a complaint regarding the incomplete official final demand as it was highly irregular and suspicious.

I went to the Randburg Magistrate's Court on Wednesday 6 December 2023 to report the matter to a senior official no one could direct me to an appropriate official.

I went to the offices of the small claims court at the Randburg Magistrates Court to report the blank official final demand that Jacob had in his possession, but the official at the Small Claims Court was not interested in the blank certified final demand.

The small claims court official advised me that I should pay R3000 to Jacob Saile OR Jacob will be entitled to stay on my property rent-free until there is a court date sometime in March 2024!!

I told the official that I was not afraid to to go to court but that the final demand was invalid as the demand had no basis in either common law or whatever and I was shocked that the Small Claims Court could officially sanction such an action as claimed in the Final Demand!

Furthermore, the issuing of the Final Demand was a delay tactic by Jacob Saile to stay on my premises rent-free as he and his wife had not attempted to look for other accommodation and the issuing of this suspicious blank final demand by a court official was committing an Obstruction of Justice in collusion with Jacob Saile.

Furthermore, I said that Jacob Saile had a highly illegal document and that I would report the matter to the Court as I thought it was corruption, but the official was not interested in the blank certified final demand.

I went to the Information Office at the entrance of the Court to report the matter but no one knew who I should report to.

Should you find that I should go to the Honeydew Police Station to make an affidavit I will be happy to oblige.

I found these email addresses on the Protection Order I got against Jacob Saile and I hope that you can pursue this fake official final demand as I think it is extremely dangerous and that officials cannot certify incomplete official documents.

My email address is [email protected], my cell number is 072 675 0699, and my physical address is 2 Saturnus Avenue, Sundowner, Randburg.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I assure you of my cooperation at all times.

Kind regards,

Rod Sing

072 675 0699

I am unable to upload the attachment as requested


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