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Don't even have a Cell C contract

Good day - please note I have received numerous calls from MBD that I owe Cell C money - If I call them they can't even tell me what the number is for my "cell C" contract. This have been going on for a year now. I don't even have a Cell C contract since 2015. Please can this be resolve. ...

Complaint-review: Afrishade Canvass CC - Serial Scammers

Afrishade Canvass CC
Serial Scammers

Catherine van Giesbergen from Afrishade Canvas Manufacturing scams every supplier she has dealings with, every customer who gives her business, mostly her employees. How she is still in business and not being investigated for reckless trading is dumbfounding. Her modis operadi is deposit fraud with ...

Investgold is a possible scam

I signed up for a debit order with InvestGold for a period of 5 years, to purchase gold coins. I was promised after 5 years I would get back the value of the coins as determined by the gold price, or I could get the coins and sell them on my own. The 5 years came to an end a year ago, in 2018. I ...

Brian Lubbe
Brian Lubbe is a FRAUDSTER

WARNING!!!! Don't EVER do ANY business with Brian Lubbe!!! He is a real scamster... Will without a doubt lie, steal and cheat you without flinching!! He is full of excuses, will ALWAYS take longer than he says he will, and as soon as it comes to payments it's always somebody else's fault but ...