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Momentum Group
Momentum are fradulent

This si the worst people in our life. momentum just a scam. they take ur money and never pay when the tym come. my brothers friend is one the cleaners for the doctor they sent me to. he looked on the doctors computer an found the evidence of momentum myraid claims people givings instructons to the ...

Rosinah kgomotso
Sim swap

U lost my phone, u can't do simswap, n I tried doing it with VC shop still saying my number it is still with RMCS, surprisingly I received an email last Thursday n today stating that I cn go n do Sim swap... Can't loss my contact just like that... I feel lyk ur robbing us ...

Bus never arrived

On the 18th of March 2023 City-to-City-bus had to pick me up at my stop at 19:05. I've been waiting for the bus from 19:00 till 23:00 Thats 5 hours to be exact, I tried calling customer service and they didn't answer I just wanna warn people about this bus company, they are very unprofessional I ...