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ATM malfunction

I deposited cash at an fnb atm on Tuesday night and during the process the machine started to reboot and when it came back online, it was completely out of my transaction. I still haven’t received any of my money. I am not getting help from anyone. All I get is automated responses. I am going to ...

JD funeral

I have a policy with JD funeral which I took the policy over from my late Aunty, as a main member I've put 3 of my dependent, which was my husband, my first born and my youngest brother, My husband passed away on the 17 of November 2022, so I reported to them that my husband has passed where I ...

Ethekwini Municipality

It must be nearly 5 months now, and I am losing interest on that money that was paid toget a rates clearance certificate on account EThekwini Metro Bill : 83073048229 . Every time I write to them I get told it is because of a backlog. That to me is simply an excuse for gross incompetence, and an ...


Last year 2021 I lost my green ID book. This year 2022 I found out I have a SAFPS listing when I tried to open a business bank account. The listing was made by nedbank because allegedly I made a loan and submitted fake bank statements. I tried to resolve the issue with nedbank but they will not ...