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Sim number 0723057963

Due to being out of the country I have lost my vodacom number 0723057963 it is imperative that I get it back die to the fact that all my banking emails and personal things are connected to that specific number I would greatly appreciate assistance in re acquiring that number ...

Reg FV91BMGP... Florida 1.5

Tracking device installed from your Gemiston 1st Nov... 2nd installed on 8th November... 3rd installed 18th November... still not working Sent emails and emails to Tracker Sent few whatsup to Bianca and Christine at the branch but to no avail... no answer Have paid my installments... plus pro-rata ...

Bad service

My name is Elsie i was at nizams Senwabarwana (bochum) i wanted to buy groceries paying with my bank card i was told their swiping machine is not working i must go and wait out on the queue to withdraw the money on the atm, while i was waiting on the queue two security man with no name taks where ...