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Good morning I M not about your service firstly you told me about your smart phones and iI give you my full details after that you said i did not qualify to receive a phone and you still debit my money ...


Miss Klopper bought a cellphone for Pep, but after using the device it started giving problems. She took the phone back and then was told they have to send the phone in for repairs and this will take 2 - 3 weeks. And was told the phone has to be returned with in 7 days, so after 7 days and the ...

Cell c
Payment issues

I have an cell c account.when we upgraded they told us it is R330 then a few months later they phoned and said they gave us the wrong amount and we are behind in payments. We started paying R500 a month and one month even double that amount. I pay on the first and every month on the 8th the deduct ...