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EPIC Utterly butterly
Not butter

I agree with the other complaint. Utterly butterly is disgusting. I am transitioning from margarine to butter for its health benefits. This isn't butter in any way or form it actually looks like a cheap margarine that I would never touch, Rama or stork look and taste better. It's an utter waste of ...

Spoilt fresh Cream

I purchased orange grove fresh cream it was dated the 16-02-2021 the fresh cream was already spoilt this was horrific because I now wasted all my ingredients due to the cream being off. This is not was not suppose to happen. I used this brand before and had no issues now what seems to be the ...

Shoprite Signet terrece
Intimidation and harrasment

His evenning around 6pm, i went to your Sicnet shoprite store. When it was time to pay, I mistakenly gave the teller R100.00 extra. She even distracted me by saying i should move the trolley back which i didnt find strange at that time but however when i checked my change i immeadiatley noticed the ...