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DHK Moving & Storage owner Denis Kaye
DHK Moving & Storage scam artist owner Denis Kaye

I wish to bring to the Professional Movers Association and the general public's attention the fact that I have just had the most horrific experience with DHK Moving & Storage company, owned by Denis Kaye, whom I believe may once have been CEO of Stuttafords Van Lines. After arranging the moving of my furniture from Cape Town to a property in the Eastern Cape, through Denis Kaye himself, our furniture was uplifted on 24th August 2019, and was never delivered to the delivery address as promised on 27th August 2019. Despite his knowing that my son and I would be travelling 900km’s down to meet the said delivery a week later, he never bothered to contact me to inform me that it wouldn’t in-fact arrive, instead giving excuses later about his phone and computer being stolen the previous night. Ironically, despite ignoring my calls, he only answered when we called off my son’s phone (a number he didn’t recognise).

This cat and mouse game of lies and deceit continued, with renewed promises of delivery on specific dates, which never transpired. Promises to get back to me with a date “tomorrow” on numerous occasions, never materialised. Eventually, after being assured that the furniture would be uplifted and sent 2 months later, I, perhaps naively, even went to the trouble of flying down to the E.Cape again to meet the supposed ‘second’ transport vehicle, only for it never to arrive, and for Denis to again completely ignore all calls, emails, and WhatsApp messages for weeks. I then decided to do some Google searching on DHK and Denis Kaye, and to my horror came across extensive complaints, far more serious than my own in terms of value and upfront fees paid, but delivery never materialising for folk who had emigrated across the world, using his previous company, Jack Wellsted & Co. (Please see link address below: )

It is the very same Denis Kaye who owned, a company called Taxi Trucks, which I understand went under some years back, and has continued to operate and take people’s property under false pretences, never to be seen again. Since the apparent demise of Jack Wellsted, Denis Kaye has had the audacity to pop up again this time under his own initials as DHK and continue the scam.

Fortunately, after Denis had ignored my calls and messages for weeks, we eventually managed to find out that our furniture was in-fact being stored in a rental storage facility in Philippi outside Cape Town, and had never been dispatched, despite numerous lies to the contrary, with blame being laid at the feet of ‘sub-contractors’ supposedly responsible for delivery. He had in-fact told me on three separate occasions, that one such sub-contractor, Steers Afrovan, had uplifted my furniture and simply disappeared with it, and that he had absolutely no idea of its whereabouts. He then stopped communicating once again despite the obvious stress that would have caused. I contacted the MD of Steers Afrovan directly, and he stated categorically that they'd never even picked up my furniture. Another blatant lie by Mr Kaye. On another occasion there were some lies about the vehicle of yet another blamed ‘sub-contractor’ not being able to access the road to my property due to the roads being wet. Yet it has not rained in that part of the Eastern Cape for months. He said the furniture was being returned to a Port Elizabeth depot and would be re-dispatched the next day. Well as it happened, it had never even left Cape Town, and he was well aware of it. He then promised me that due to all the hassles he’d experienced with everybody else, that he would dispatch his own DHK vehicle to do the delivery (why that suggestion took too long was clearly mere smoke and mirrors yet again). Again, this was merely time wasting lies, as he had absolutely no intention of doing such.

On discussing Mr Kaye with someone well connected in the Storage Industry, I was informed that Mr Kaye and his business had allegedly been “kicked out” of more than one storage facility in the Cape (one in Epping and another in Philippi to name two), for again, allegedly failing to pay his storage rental, and that they too were no longer allowing him access to his storage units, until rental owed from him was fully paid up. They did mention that he was meeting another highly irate client there then next morning, so we decided to pay him a visit at the same time, and in the process managed to secure my furniture for myself on the spot, finally more than 3 months after upliftment and promised delivery. The approx. R8000 paid up-front, despite his promise to reimburse me, has never been made, nor do I suspect it will be without legal intervention, of which I understand there is a queue.

I would like your association and the S.A.I.M.A to know about Denis Kaye’s scam business (and take note of the trail of devastation he has caused people over many years), and to make sure that he can never trade again. This type of brazen behaviour not only makes a mockery of your associations, but does the country enormous harm from a reputational perspective too
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