Complaint / review / scam report
Carletonville Hospital
Terrible services

My husband was admitted to the hospital due to unknown health issues.. He can not walk and his in severe pain.. The staff are so rude and very RACIST!! My husband was given tea with no sugar and 4 slices of dry bread too eat asif he was in some kind of jail! When he received a meal (meaty bones and rice) the meat was still raw ... Its an issue for the nurse to give him a wheelchair so he can go to.the bathroom to clean himself up but other patients who can walk gets taken for a lovely bath in a wheelchair down the hall (same ward same room).. His in sever pain and asked for a pain killer the nurse went in an hour later and gave him an injection of 3.5ml in the bum cheeck..BUT she goes looking for his muscle and jabs the needle right in there!. not even 30min later and his bum is a awful blue purple bruise.. he asks for water because he is very thirsty and cant get out of bed to walk over to the sink for a drink l.. the nurse goes ahead and tells him 'Why dont you get yourself water there is nothing wrong with u, ' HOW COULD U SAY THAT TO AYOU PATIENT THAT CANT WALK AND HIS IN SEVERE PAIN?!?!
He was suppose to have an x-ray taken of his lower back (the pain area could be a slipped disc) they take him for a neck and head x-ray.. then hurt him again by having to re do the x-rays an hour later when they discovered they took the wrong x-rays! What ppl are working here?!?!?! The doctor that admitted him into the hospital was a lovely woman (emergency yellow room) she said that there are no visiting hours due to covid (that is understandable) but I would be able to bring him some food, I should give it to the security guards and they will take it to the ward, the next day I arrived with food I and some hot water in a flask.. when I arrived at the main gate I was greeted by 5 very arrogant and very rude security guards who refused to take him food.. they screamed at me from their post and then just stood their laughing under each other, when I asked them why I cant give him food I was not given any reason why I was replyed with a very rude and dry statement "You are NOT allowed in leave" I have ALOT more complains as I was in hospital myself when I gave birth baby girl and there too I had terrible services and they have a clear racist attitude towards white ppl


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