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Negigence of a patient in his 4th stage of prostate cancer

I am so disappointed. I called Simphiwe yesterday to speak with him regarding this situation so that through his investigation he could understand our our point of view. This was obviously a waste of my time as this morning I received an email saying that Netcare Parklands has closed off my issue. How can you close off a case without anything being resolved?
Dear Kubashnie Shunmugam,
Our records show that your query with reference number NTC19073034499 has been completed.

We hope you are satisfied with our feedback.

Kind regards,
My telephonic discussion yesterday with Simphiwe refers;
1. He said that the he cannot believe that the nurses at Parklands have the calibre to pull off the buzzer. This is a serious allegation. The nurses would never do this.

2. My dad was receiving medication and that the times are recorded. They could not increase the medication unless the doctor authorised it.

3. He said that it was not the responsibility of the hospital to inform the family that my dads health was deteriorating.

4. He said that my dad’s pressure started decreasing from the 01.07.2019, why did the doctor not put him in icu? My dad was not under recess. What does this mean?

As stated before this is my issue’s
1. If the nurses did not pull off the buzzer from the wall, who did? My dad had no energy to drink from a straw, how can you suggest that he would have pulled out the cord.
Clearly, the buzzer should have not been disconnected. As you mentioned if the nurse was doing their checks throughout the night, they would have definitely picked this up. I mean if something is out of place, the duty of the nurse is to ensure that all is in placce. Otherwise, what exactly are you checking?

2. You mentioned that my dad was receiving medication all the time. But according to your record, the last medication was given at 22:30pm., and nothing until after shift change.
I have mentioned that my dad was in extreme pain throughout the night and that the nurses did not do anything for him. Part of negligence is not monitoring a patient properly. If a patient is in 4th stage prostate cancer and the pain medication is obviously not helping. Do you leave the patient as is? 4th Stage Prostate Cancer is extremely painful and should be kept under palliatice care (as comfortable and pain free as possible)
Again is this not negligence, if you are monitoring a patient properly, and you are noticing that he is in extreme pain. This would mean that you need to increase the pain medication and not leave the patient to be in pain the entire night.

3. If it is not the responsibility of the hospital to inform us of my dad’s health, whose is it? We obviously are paying Parklans Hospiatl for a service provided, the service provided was not for free, no one did us any favours. So, I would really like to know who is responsible for this.

My father was calling all night for the nurses because he was thirsty and he was in pain (01.07.2019). On the 02.07.2019, when my brother, and mother walked into the hospital my dad was screaming in pain. He told them that he was tring to call the nurses the entire night because he was thirsty and in pain. My brother immediately went to the nurse. She told him that they were changing shift and had to complete that first. An hour to change shift. And to disregard a patients call because shift change is more important. My brother thereafter went to the nursing manager and also complained to her. I am curious, was all of these issue’s recorded in his file? My brother is able to identify both the nurse and manager that he complained to.
We were also given information from the patient who was sharing room with my dad. He said that my dad was in pain and that no one attended to him. They did their checks and left him as is, in pain and thirsty. This gentleman’s contact details the hospital should have, should you need to contact him for variifications.

Neglicence is not sorry, sorry is a mitake. Negligence is not going to give me the time that I could have had to say to my dad, “I AM HERE, everything is going to be ok”.
Negligence is not going to give me the closure I should have had.
If this is not negligence, then I am not sure what you consider to be negligence.


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