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Netcare Milpark

On 17/01/2022 I took admission in Milpark Netcare, known as a premier Health clinic. Waited more than an hour and a half at the reception for a bed. Eventually, when I received a bed in section 8 to my astonishment, there were easily around 8 nursing sisters who were on a chill. This was a PUI ...

Louwville Clinic
Help my child

My 4 year old daughter has severe tootaches, she has yellow pimples coming out on her swollen gums, she has 2 gumballs ..her teeth is all broken off and rotten deep into the gum.I have been at louwville clinic multiple times and all they say is that i have to brush her teeth regurlary .I dont know ...

Netcare Sunninghill
Shocking servec

Yesterday I had the most unfortunate experience of having to take someone to Sunninghill clinic casualty. While the paramedics admitted my nephew and his cousin to casualty, my brother, his sister in-law and myself went around to the front of the hospital to go inside and fill forms and wait. The ...