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Cipla Medpro PTY

Been using product Flomist nasal spray for a while now, frustrated, because always left in bottle, spray pipe made too short, so i if i could use the rest or put it together with the other 3 bottles i have then i probably would have a full bottle again, its a waist not being able to use all that's ...

Esangweni Clinic George Mthemba

I arrived at Esangwani clinic at 07H 10 for next appointment of the 29th November 29th November but I was not help as the say they can't find my file but most people who arrived later they were help and leave, I feel like the clinic didn't hire people who are professionals who can do the job, who ...

Dr Lebogang

I went to see a Dr on the 12/11/2021. Dr took blood samples and she promised to contact me when results are back. Today is the 20/11/2021 still no feedback. But the claim was submitted immediately, are you after money or after the health of the people? ...