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Pholosong Hospital

Me and my wife was at polosong hospital this morning, we stood in the que for more then an hour. When everybody started entering the hospital, we were the only ones that was stopped and asked for a referral letter. The other non whites was allowed through without anything. And we were turned away. ...

Online query

On Tuesday morning I called the following Dischem stores enquiry on stock for Nelatone catheter, none of the staff in the following stores new what I was referring too and others just cut my call when I proceeded to explain. The store that left a bad taste in my mouth was Ontdekkers, the staff ...

Dr Spooler

Pls help I was admitted last night at Life Fourways Hospital and put in isolation and tests taken. Test for corona came bk negative but guess what I feel more sick than last night been waiting for dr since 7am. I feel like I’m going to die. Pls help it’s really bad so the physician came at 15:10and ...