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Hyundai Airport, Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa
Lack of disclosure, Misrepresentation of true facts to secure a sale

Essence of complaint:
Hyundai Dealership in Kempton Park attempted to conclude a deal:-
1.By misrepresenting the facts to the Financier (Nedbank MFC) in order to secure the loan on my behalf from the Financier. Indicated to the Financier that I was in employment for 2 years despite my disclosing that I had just started in employment. The dealership upon learning this subsequently requested my letter of employment, which clearly states that I had only just commenced employment. I also disclosed to the Salesman the same as well as informed him that I had just moved to Gauteng, from Richards Bay in the last month and that I was renting in Kempton Park.. He then subsequently requested from me proof of address in the form of rental contract. Both these Documents I provided to him and it was undoubtedly clear to the Dealership that I was only in employment since April 2022 - not 2 years as represented by the dealership to MFC.
This is to register my extreme dissatisfaction with the manner of concluding and the compilation of the deal in the purchase of the Hyundai Grand i10 1.0 Fluid. Namely that areas of contention as follows:
1. The vehicle was proposed to me on the basis price of R209 900.00
The final Capital (loan) amount is R232 932.00 which was not explained to me for my understanding of the agreement. In fact - as shall be explained - the aspect of understanding was specifically denied to me prior signature.
2. The interest rate of the financial contract is set at 10.1% however, the deal was signed at the lower rate.
Neither the total price nor the H.P interest are the initial values represented to me which secured my interest. and therefore this deal has not ended at the value and rate presented to me.
This is especially dissatisfactory when viewed in the light that I made compromises to get the lower price, in terms of my very clear request to the Salesman that I wished for an automatic gearbox version but was being pressured to settle for the manual version of the vehicle.
Furthermore, the vehicle was taken in to resolve the "all-door lock" button that was not working when switched off, but I was given back the car without this function rectified, and the issue remains

I approached your the Hyundai Dealership with a specific budget intention of expenditure and to secure the best possible interest rate. My priority was to make sure that I got a good, fair and financially comfortable deal and that all my specific needs were met in terms of what I wanted in a vehicle. I made these clear to the salesman, Claude from the onset that I wanted a fuel efficient, low kilometers Automatic vehicle that was around R200 000.00. I also specifically mentioned that I wanted to pay not more than R4300.00 per month
Disappointingly, I note that these fundamental pre-requisites were never respected, As the salesman said that he did have an automatic version available for testdrive and that I should test-drive the manual version as it is the same. I did test-drive the manual version, and at the end expressed to him that I was not happy with it and I asked him to go and locate an automatic version for me. He reverted to me about a week later and again with a manual version, but 'juiced " the deal up by representing the price at R209 900.00 and low kilometers. That is, the salesman insisted that I test-drive the manual versions and subsequently insisted that I should seriously consider the latest manual model he had for R209 900.00 - despite me affording him opportunity to find me a suitable automatic vehicle - which he did not do. I subsequently agreed to test drive the second manual version but specifically stated that it required that I make a compromise on my specific requirement of an automatic vehicle. And even before making any commitment to a purchase, I asked him for the total sale amount. I was trying to assess whether my compromising on the automatic model was worth the value. i was denied this and I had to repeatedly ask, as I was never given the total purchase price. He consistently provided me with the monthly repayment values, which were of no interest to me as these can be manipulated and structured in various ways. And while he provided me with attractive monthly repayment values, he never disclosed that the make-up of the higher purchase deal included a large 'balloon' payment. Had he disclosed this< would have rejected the deal forthright and NEVER proceeded with such a financial structure.
Claude made excuses that he was awaiting Thabani Mtolo to send it to him. Even after days had passed, Claude met with me but still insisted that he was awaiting Thabani to send him the contract details, he never revealed at any such instances what my total purchase price would be. Had I been informed early on in the process that the total purchase price was R232 932.00 I would definitely NOT HAVE PROCEEDED with the deal.
I also asked Claude to provide me a copy of the H.P contract as I wished to review it before I went to Hyundai to sign for the car (sign the financial contract), yet still, I was never presented with same.

So despite my repeated enquiries for the total purchase price and the deal make-up, I was denied this information until the very last moments before I was to sign the financial contract agreement, and take the vehicle.

That's how it happened that I was not presented with the contract, the breakdown of costs and the H.P contract interest rate, despite me asking the salesman on numerous occasions prior to the purchase. And although he was able to quote to me the monthly repayments value, he consistently denied to divulge the total value amount. He kept saying that he was awaiting the financial person, Thabani to get back to him on that.

It is a fact, that even when I got to the dealership to sign and take the vehicle, instead of presenting me with the HP contract document to review, I was kept waiting at least 45 minutes for Thabani to come and assist me.

It is a fact, I was not afforded the opportunity to prior assess or review the financial contract agreement, and decide whether it was to my intended budgetary specification or satisfaction. I was merely asked to sign the contract in various places, but not afforded to read the document. While I acknowledge this is my mistake, in my defense, he had just wasted 45 minutes of my time away from urgent work business that I had to get back to to complete, and so he wasted and depleted all the available time I had that day, putting me in a state of haste, by which I acted with little sense and merely signed the documents.
This is high-pressure sales strategy at its best.
It is a fact, that it is only then that I was informed that my H.P contract included a balloon payment.

We now prevail with a vehicle that is not an automatic - and an H.P contract that I am not comfortable with - and have paid much more than was represented to be paid for the vehicle, Furthermore, where the repayments are probably above my intended of R4300.00 per month had I been provided opportunity to request for the removal of the dreaded balloon payment.
AND I now have a H.P Contract with an interest rate of 10.1% (refer attached), whereas 9.6% was captured in the original deal - without the details and conditions of this being explained to me for my full understanding.

I believe these are all substantial dissatisfaction and grounds for cancellation of the deal, and I beg that you respect and afford same to occur, whereby I have delivered the vehicle back to the dealer in same good condition.

I have tried to address the issues with the Hyundai manager, but was merely promised that he would revert to me, yet he has not called me back or tried to resolve the issues.

Please cancel the above agreement on the basis stipulated above as my rights as a South African Consumer have been grossly violated.


Company: Hyundai Airport, Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa

Country: South Africa   Region: Kempton Park, Gauteng   City: Johannesburg   Postal Code: 1618
Address: Hyundai Airport, Kempton Park, Gauteng SA
Phone: 0113947624

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