Complaint / review / scam report
Furn 4 U Mega Store_ Mokopane branch_ Offender: JOHNNY KOTSE
Sexual harassment

To whom it my concern...

I am writing a complaint about a site manager in the logistic sector of the furn 4u Mokopane branch. (Johnny Kotse)
He is manipulating and sexualy harassing the female staff. This has been a prolonged abuse and has had numerous consequences for the female employees and affected their personal life's dramatically.

One of the female workers followed procedure by filing a complaint to management, but till now nothing has been done. Due to the lack of correctional intervention, the situation has taken a turn for the worst.

He misuses his position of management to his advantage by manipulating and portraying a falsehood of what actually happens behind the scenes.

#If the female employees act on their rights, by filing a complaint or reporting or even oppose his harassment the following would be the consequences that they have to endure...

*He openly informs them any one who objects to his authority in any way regardless of what it entitles will have a short-lived position at the store.

*He makes working conditions so unbearable that the female employees have no choice but to resign. (These are women who actually needs the money, single mothers etc. He is wrecking their personal life's and prohibits the possibility of taking care of themselves)

*He treats them unfair and heartless by looking for minor informalities (instead of focusing on his own work) to write false warnings and reports to portray that the female employees are at fault, so not only are these females suffering of anxiety due to the abuse, their reputation gets slandered and this prevents future employment from other companies due to the small town syndrome (Know one, know all) news travels fast and because of his position and unfortunately the process of procedure and protocol that do not allow interaction and communication directly with general staff, allows him to manipulate the system by falsely portraying an employee to be unfit for the work according to his opinion and testimony which is then backed by false written warnings and reports which is unfairly and without fair review submitted causing immense damage to these woman's working ability, personal and emotional well-being and public reputation and status.

I am reporting this and wish to stay anonymous, if the abuse continues without intervention or correctional action, then please be informed that this matter WILL go publicly viral and be dealt with by involving correctional authorities. That kind of publicity is bad for business.

I personally have no ill intentions, but only to voice for those who cannot, and pray to God that this abuse will stop because its one thing not liking the work you do but when work follows you home and destroys your capability to physically and emotionally function, that in it self is a crime over looked, you cannot deprive another human being of their livelihood by stripping them from their work, self-respect and dignity and expect them to cope under unbearable circumstances with no consequences.

So please with all do respect, help these female employees, request the filed complaint of sexual harassment which was not adhere to, and resolve this consistent and continuous problem and save these women of profuse anxiety, depression and the possibility of someone life being destroyed.


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