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Life Insurance no longer there

When my father initially opened his bank account with Absa he also took out life cover for himself and his wife when we inquired at the branch (Promenade Mall Mitchells's Plain) Astrolita told us she was unable to give us more information oother than the fact that it is showing in 2019 funeral cover was taken out however she is able to see something that also reflects as insurance but not able to see the detail as we need to speak to insurance depart however it was closed because it was a saturday (09/12/2023) she then advised us to come back during the week so that she can call them. We then went back on Friday 5/01/2023.Firstly when we asked for Astrolita again we were told to sit in the line but when we were there initially she told us to come straight to her nonetheless eventually when we were assisted it was thee slowest most unfriendly consultant i have ever come across, she did not smile once, she spoke as if she did not want to open her mouth, did did not even look like she wanted to be there, she then placed us on a call with insurance and honestly i am not even shocked for the service from absa... We spoke to thee most unhelpful and defensive consultant (did not get her name) instead of being empathetic she made us feel like a problem. I politely asked her to speak to me after authentication she refused reason i asked is because my father does not understand terms and stuff and wording used during these type of calls he is over 60yrs old for heavensake. I asked her to check and go back on the card details to see when account was opened and then see if she picks up anything regarding life cover se told me she does not have access to card details fine i then asked her for the call record of that funeral cover that was opened in 2019 because on that call my father also did not understand what they were explaining however changes was made she then told me she will give my father a call once she has the call recordings i asked her whichj number will she call to she gave me an old number thats on the system i then asked her how will she do that as she will never get through to him she told me once we update the number in the branch she will see the changes i then told her but i thought use dont work on the same system as you stated before when i asked about the card details now all of a sudden you work on the same system... A whole damn Mockery thats what i got to know Absa for belive me i had a bank acct, savings, credit card, home insurance, funeral cover and liufe cover with you guys and use messed up all my stuff up untill today i was not paid back i literally gave up 3 months into the fight with Absa but i am not going to leave this laying down because you guys think nothing of little people all you care about is your Business customers but forgetting this is our hard earned money too... I commented on your Twitter page and the response was to contact the Insurance department... Damn Incompetent to say the least... I want this fixed and corrected... The consultant i spoke to even told me that if you dont claim from your life insurance in 5 years your policy lapse WHY? HOW? if its your policy and you paying for it how does Absa just cancel shit with out the policy holders consent same shit happend with my Home insurance now you want to do it again with my Parents life cover Oh Hell No... I willl take this up as far as i have to I want this Shit fixed and corrected...


Company: Absa

Country: South Africa   Region: Western Cape   City: Cape Town   Postal Code: 7798
Address: 42 Bietou Road Eastridge
Phone: 0715524638

Category: Business & Finance


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