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Tanya moller

This will be the 3rd complaint. Tanay moller from your company has been harrasing me phoning me non stop when I ask for complaints I get put to Marianna Moller. Her mother. She phones me 20 to 30 times in 1 day leaves me mgs on whatsapp she is my ex's girlfriend (me and my ex share a daughter) so ...

Tanya Moller

My wife has complained but you people just don't care. Tanya Moller is my wife's ex boyfriends girlfriend Jacobus Henrico. Now she phones from your land line number and when I call to be put throught to complaints she puts the phone down. So how do I even know your getting this? She phone non stop ...

Endless deductions

They deduct my airtime R14 at a time everyday. I didn' sign with them but they send messages that deduct from my airtime. Im being taken for a ride, they put me on substribtion without my consent Im not a member but they dont care they deduct. I dont know what to do. If I unsubscribe now they come ...

Complaint-review: Altech Autopage - Incorrect Billing

Altech Autopage
Incorrect Billing

This is the 4th time that I have to submit a complaint about incorrect accounts from them. I have been refunded 3 times prior to this by them crediting my account and then deducting it at the end of the month again. The customer service line is so pathetic. I was advised I needed to complete a form ...