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Cell C
Content Services

Twice now I've been subscribed to Content Services without my knowledge whilst on Cell C. When queried I'm merely told it is not Cell C's responsibility. "Not their fault" costs me R5 per day for a month - and this is the second time. Searches on the web shows I'm not the only one ...

Cancellation policy inacceptable

I haave a data contract with Autopage. The contract expired and I requested cancellation on the account in January 2014. They now can only cancel the account in March 2014. This is unacceptable as the account is already expired. The account should be cancelled in February 2014 as I did give notice ...

No response to complaint

I submitted a complaint via email [Email Removed] on 29.1.14 and recd ref no #7661266. To date, I have had not one word response, other than the automated email. This after having been trying to get hold of my credit controller since beginning of January, no success, the phone rings and dies. Even ...


I cancelled my service with Telkom in December, as I went back to Germany. I haven't received my deposit back and they have deducted the monthly fee from my bank account for February just now. They are not responding to e-mails and the international call center doesn't pick up calls. I wrote 2 ...