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Over billing no response to complaint

Worst service EVER! Dishonest, unethical, immoral, no care in the world about customer service or solving disputes, blatantly rude and theft!

Vodacom dispute Reference : EC-04VF-2814FX

This dispute has been ongoing since March this year, and after more than 30-50 calls a month! To follow up I still get no where and am basically at the disposal of Vodacom's blatant and outright extrortion, and blackmail, but just repeatedly cutting my phone off in an attempt to threaten me to drop the issue that is so clear as day and night robbery, sadly the only form of respect, communication, co-operation and assistance I have had in any way has not even come through a Vodacom employer, but rather that of a Vodacom distributor, who did my upgrade contract initially and for that before I give the details, let me say THANK YOU to Carl from Chatz Cellular, pity Vodacom staff don't follow in your footsteps.

Now for my horrid and detailed story of events.

i have been a loyal Vodacom customer for many years, I was always on the " Talk 500 " package, last year around end Jan / Early Feb 2015, I was due for a upgrade, this was done, at the time I upgraded to the new package that had since been promoted by Vodacom as unlimited called the " Red Vip" the benefits of this was so clearly sold to me because I would be paying a higher subscription monthly and not be billed any extra charge for any phone calls, all calls where unlimited, this was a obvious choice, as the subscription was approx R2000 per month and my phone bills where already far in excess of this each month and we all try and do the most affordable economical thing that fits in with our budget and lifestyle requirements.

Instead to my horror Vodacom of there own accord decided I needed to be on some horrid rip off contract package named " Smart L" at a cost of R549 per month, but here the blackmail horror hi-way robbery begins, they only give you 250 minutes, then they charge you through the earth............. So firstly when I was already on a talk 500 with 500 free minutes that still exceeded over every month, and I made clear I need a more cost effective call plan, who in the right mind would down grade your free talk time, at a higher ( double the charge per minute ) cost for calls made outside of the free allocation. Mmmmmmm certainly not anyone trying to save money or reduce wasted bills and expenses, but of course it is the most brilliant idea for a business who wants to start billing a longstanding client more than triple to what they used to and what they should be billed if on proper contract.

So the drama's begin, I have complained for months to no satisfaction from every department from accounts, upgrades, retentions, and legal, to not even a answer or explanation, oh no hold on they say I was not approved on my portfolio for a RED VIP ( at a fixed cost of R2000 per month ) so they put me on a lower one, because of cause R2000 is unaffordable, but the phone bills I have had since of R5000- sometimes R7000, but guaranteed never less that R4000 per month are far more affordable, and I'm approved for, yes this really makes sense!!

Then the latest progression of events, I get a sms my cell phone is R13600 in arrears, I login to the my Vodacom on the very same day and yet it only shows as R4187.86 in arrears ............ That's almost R9000 difference.

then my phone is completely cut, no incoming or outgoing calls, in fact if you dial my number it doesn't even ring, almost like the line has been deleted, so I call Vodacom yet again, and the final insult to injury is said and basically threatened to me. " we offered you a gratuitous discount of R7000 for data not calls yesterday, you did not accept" hold on so let's blackmail you and delete your line ........... Vodacom maybe you need to update your systems . Firstly you never offered me a R7000 gratuitous discount, your departments refuses to deal with me at all, what you did do is inform the dealer who has been amazing Carl from Chatz cellular that you will give a credit of R7000 towards data as a once off, but won't change the package, he referred this message to me, I then asked a simple question, which he has been trying to get out of Vodacom for me to, but it appears the person who made the offer is now on leave till the 11 July 2016.

I want to know very simply how is this R7000 made up how did you get to this amount, and why for data only what about my complaint of excessive bills every month for actual calls, them most importantly you plan to force me to stay on the contract you decided to put me on that I never chose so my bills will continue to amount to anything from R4000-R7000 per month! It doesn't solve the problem.

I want answer's from your despicable company that has no care in the world to rob people over billing and then just ignore these desperate attempts to get answers and resolve the issues.

i will attach copies of my statements but let the world read in black and white how I have been ripped off, below is a detailed run down of my monthly invoices.

30 March 2015 R3128.88
03 April 2015 R4188.76
03 May 2015 R2671.01
03 June 2015 R3476.19
03 July 2015 R3680.73
03 August 2015 R6351.91
03 September 2015 R3904.15
03 October 2015 R3856.18
03 November 2015 R4369.34
03 December 2015 R3584.45
03 January 2016 R7330.88
03 February 2016 R5752.34
03 March 2016 R3876.97
03 April 2016 R4113.13
03 May 2016 R2888.74
01 June 2016 R2318.42 ( two invoices for June 2016 as you can see below totaling R4187.86)
03 June 2016 R1869.44 ( two invoices for June 2016 as you can see above totaling R4187.86)

Total Amount R67361.52

So in brief for 16 months, of which I was billed a total of R67361.52 ( because of excessive call charges ) instead of a premium of R1999.00 per month on the unlimited contract which would amount to a total of R31984.00

That is a clear and obvious, let alone intentional over billing of R35377.52, and the worst part of insult to injury is that despite the fact that Vodacom clearly owes me money, they not only are trying to extort their way out of paying, but worse are trying to claim money from me and worst of all still trying to force me into a radical out package where these excessive bills will never end.

So Vodacom how are you going to fix this, and I challenge anyone else who has had similar problems to come forward maybe united they will final acknowledge the customers they have.

Offender: Vodacom

Country: South Africa

Category: Telecommunications


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