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Misuse of client' s car

I would like to lodge a complaint against Polokwane dealership service department for the misuse of kilometres for my car. I have reported a warning of the engine light that popped out a day after taking my car for 60000km service somewhere in March, I was told to bring it back so that they can ...


Where is my deposit Janine Swift estate agent east london For the past 2 months I have been fighting with estate agent Janine Swift to get my deposit back, to start off Janine made me and my husband believe that we are renting from Trafalgar properties, as she gave us a contract to sign on the ...

Bad service

I had a parcel to e delivered at my place address 11344 sidwel ngake street Welkom, the guy who deliver my parcel had a lot of attitude and did not even respond to my greeting, he just had over a paper and a pen to me without even indicating on what to do with that. to my surprise I had my mask on ...