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Expired milk

Hi I purchased milk from shoprite in the weekend n it was orange groove. The expiry date is 11/03 2024 but it's already sour. Like seriously we buy milk n all according to expiry dates. But it seems like it does not go according to that. The milk is expired. Really sad ...


Good day, I received an SMS regarding Vodacom Summer Rewards, as well as a phone call from the same number: +27791159912. The caller, claiming to be Tshiamo Tau from Vodacom with the company number 2142499, said I was being rewarded with a Hisense Infinity Rock, a R5000 shopping voucher, and R30000 ...

Poor service delivery

I registered at WSU for the academic year, but my residence status had not yet been admitted, and classes had already begun. So, I opted to go there myself, bearing in mind that I am from Durban. Upon arrival, I was told to come back the following day. I knew no one there, and I had no place to ...