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Alan Edmenson
Over charge

The price for a charge of a 4x440ml can is advertised for £4.25, when checking out at the Bayston Hill checkout on the 2nd of October 2019 it was charged as £4:52. Please charge as you is to pay, don't charge as you want. I want detail of what I am to pay, not what you feel I should pay. Not the ...

Upgrade Incompetence!

I took out a contract on 6 September 2017 for a Samsung Galaxy S8, the offer included a Samsung J5 Prime as an added bonus for free. On 2 September 2019, my 24 month contract has been honored in full. There was no arrears, no outstanding balance due on the headsets. I called 0821958 and spoke to ...

Scam Contract

I have just been informed by Ntombi at the Vodacom office that my number is registered under RMCS and that I have been receiving airtime top-ups from them. I was never contacted and I never agreed or signed anything to say that can be confirmation to me agreeing to the contract. I wish to be ...