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Racist owner

A booking was made and paid for two days, at first we received a cold welcome with saying we don't hope you will stay up late as we mentioned we need space to put our laptops down, we mentioned we need to invite some colleges and the owner mentioned he hopes they are not black, we ignored the ...

Akani Retirement Fund
No Payment

My late husband worked for the ekurhuleni municipality for 30 from 1980 till 2010 with Akani as the retirement fund administrator. Since retiring in 2010 he didn't get his pension fund from the company until he passed this year. When I inquire I get no where as it seems no one at the company even ...

Esangweni Clinic

Went to clinic today to test for covid but the treatment I got was shit I had to leave the clinic crying to go at fetch my money to come and talk to them so that I can get help. They wanted me to pay them for testing me . It was my first time at the clinic I hope it is last. The sad part I tested ...