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Jam Clothing (Hillfox)

My purse was stolen in the shop from the change room. No one really tried to help me, they just carried on with their own thing. No one looked on the camera's or call security or anything... I had to go outside to a car guard who called security to report it and I had to go back into the shop to ...


The cashpower gave me a settlement letter that was written its valid for 5days.within those 5days I paid up the loan (the cashpower deducted the usual installment and then I topped up the remaining amount). The following month end cashpower deducted the monthly installment. I requested to be ...

Vuyi Mugagadeli
Infected maize meal

I purchased infected products that is full of worms and some which were alive. I called and was given this reference Ref. SG22-06-73; 0860 472 756. I submitted a proof of payment as per your instruction on WhatsApp. Subsequently sent email on 16 June 2022 and no response till today. It is ...

Complaint-review: Exact:Head Office - Release letter

Exact:Head Office
Release letter

I’ve finished paying an account and i need a letter that states that The store has been calling my reference stating that she’s the one who is owing ive attach a letter on that because she now took a legal actions against me whereas im done paying that account long time ago i don’t want anything ...