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This extremely crass, rude, careless doctor ruined my left dominant hand by deliberately injecting me into my nerve with anaesthetic instead of just removing the needle and putting it in the correct vein. It is exactly two weeks since the 01st February 2024, when I went in for gastroscopy with Dr. Prins at Medi-Clinic hospital in Panorama.
Not only was he the only doctor that did not come into the room and consult to the patient first like the rest of the doctors but when I was brought into the room for the procedure, did he not only make fun of my name and instead of listen to me about the pain I’ve been experiencing, he insists that I am constipated and tells me all about his other patients. When I indeed was not constipated & goes on what I was experiencing during COVID. Not listening correctly and talking over me.
Anyway, not once asking if I am left or right handed. I trust in the doctor because well, he is a doctor and specialist. I am extremely ill and didn’t even think of saying I’m left handed, irrespective, when going to a hospital every single doctor, nurse, has always asked left or right handed whether putting anaesthetic into the arm to put you to sleep, whether it is a drip or even just drawing blood. But he did not. That is his duty. He proceeds to put the needle in and still says “oh now he could have sworn it was in the correct place, it’s definitely in a nerve, but tell me if this burns?” And then proceeds to inject me. I felt immense pain in my hand and wrist and told him it burned. He then only took it out and put it in the correct vein and immediately the anaesthetic knocked me out. I had never felt such an excruciating burn before. When I woke up my hand was swollen and tender but I didn’t think anything of it because why would a specialist doctor inject me if it wouldn’t cause any harm right. A week passes and my hand is still extremely sore and swollen, hopeful that the pain goes away. I wake up on Wednesday 07 February, to a wrist that has completed dropped and a hand unable to hold itself up, nonetheless I bandage it up & go to my doctor & tell him what has happened, takes a look at my hand & says there has been damage to my ligaments and nerves, my blood flow was also restricted due to it being blocked by “fluid”. Mind you, it is in the exact place that Dr. Prins injected & where the burn took place. The only tendons working is that closest to my thumb which has now caused wrist tendinitis. I cannot perform my daily duties like brushing or tying my hair, getting dressed, driving my car or even doing my job which requires lots of typing and writing. I write an email to him and his receptionist and tell him to reply via email not telephone call, because he already called my mother and tried to deny it. There were also two nurses in the room when he did this, the one who put the oxygen on my nose and the one who brought me into the room. Until this very day, did he not reply to that email. Nor did his receptionist, that again shows me he is extremely arrogant, rude and simply does not give a damn, for what he has done to me! He told my mom that I should come to his practise, and he will take a look, and that “this is common” it’s funny, I don’t know anyone who suffers from Radial Nerve injury due to a doctor injecting them into the wrong vein and saying it aloud in the room with three other people in it. I advise to him in the email that I have been given instructions not to drive, lift or try and use my hand for a minimum of two days and he should please give any recommendations via email, as said until this day he did not reply.
I lodge a complaint to Medi-Clinic Panorama and they advised I come into the EC for them to take to take a look at my hand and profusely apologise for what has happened. My sister takes me to the hospital on Friday 09th February 2024. The doctor who assisted me, said the same thing that my doctor said. He referred me to an occupational therapist to assist with pain and regaining movement again. Now tell me, who must pay for all this damage that he inflicted? Tell me what must I do with my hand that will never be the same. I cannot hold or grip anything! The amount of emotional distress Dr. Prins has caused me is beyond me, I experience IBS symptoms due to stress and he has just given me a lifelong injury!
I’ve been told not just by my doctor but by my chiropractor too who has now given me exercises to do, that this is nothing other than straight up negligence and malpractice. Utter shock on every doctors face that Dr. Prins deliberately injected my hand, knowing good and damn well what damage it can cause. Imagine just going to hospital for a simply procedure like a scope and you come out never to use your hand again! We await more feed back from Medi-Clinic who has been trying to assist, because this so called doctor doesn’t have the decency or respect for his patients. I wonder would you have been this neglectful and careless if your patient was white, blue eyes and blonde hair, because that seems to be the only people who write a good review about him on here. God will give you your day for what you have done to me.



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