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Ithemba properties
Ruthless unlawful act

As l write this complaint am sleeping at Park station benches cz l missed last months rental fee due to financial constraints. I tried reasoning with building manager agreeing on my breach of contract and that l will pay in the next 2 days willing to put it in writing he denied and locked me out of ...

S. Warner

Desiree Lategan t/a Ocean Properties I used as an agent to get tenants. She had her own Lease Agreements and gave me her mandate that she would find the tenants and the rentals will come to the owner and she would keep the deposits. When the Lease comes to and end she would find all sorts of ...

Adrian Coetzee
Vicmar Place, Sonnenglans

Am not sure as to who I speak to with regards to a managing agent of my complex that I live in. I don’t think he is a registered agent as we don’t seem to find his details. I own a property at complex called Vicmar Place in Sonnenglans Randburg. As an Owner we have encountered numerous issues with ...