Complaint / review / scam report
Billing with no service being provided

I enquired about attending a course primeserv runs last year, however i never attended the course as i did not have the funds avaliable. Primeserv had their financial manager veronica wood send me an invoice demanding i settle it or she will hand me over to their legal department. how can you expect me to pay for something that i never attended. they are greedy sly company exploiting people.
they are trying to steal money from me when they didnt even provide the information i required.
now they want money from me when no service was rendered. I am taking this matter to court as they are in breach of the CPA and 3 other regulations. threatening me with legal action.assholes really

From: Maharaj, Annestacia
Sent: 11 April 2017 01:47 PM
To: 'Veronica Wood'
Cc: Jeanette van Greunen; 'Anton Labuschagne'; 'KZNfinance'
Subject: RE: Outstanding Account: Annestacia Le Maharaj Acc. No. 105ALM005
Importance: High

Veronica urgently advise how am I responsible for the invoice when I never attended your training as no information was provided.

My company and their lawyers will be taking this matter forward.

As an invoice was provided yet no information regarding the training was provided in addition I never attended said training.

Kindly prove as to why I am being held responsible for the fees as I never attended your course.

In addition letter of Demand, please provide me with proof that services were provided.
This email has been forwarded to my attorney.

Your company is hereby required to provide proof of services rendered to me, as well to what grounds the letter of demand is being issued as I never attended said training.
In addition you are in breach of the CPA, which I intend to expose you and your company for threatening me with legal action to which you cannot institute as no services were provided to me.
they have no ethics or morals

Your Urgent response is required.

From: Veronica Wood [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 11 April 2017 01:34 PM
To: Maharaj, Annestacia
Cc: Jeanette van Greunen
Subject: Outstanding Account: Annestacia Le Maharaj Acc. No. 105ALM005

Dear Madam

This account has been long outstanding in our books and all efforts have been made to contact you but to no avail.

Please refer to the attached letter of demand.

Should we not receive a response from you we’ll be escalating this matter to our legal department.

Yours sincerely


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