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Extremely bad service

Good day,

I've purchased a 2005 VW Touareg from your Fairways branch, and received the vehicle on 15 June 2016.

The vehicle was advertised with a full service history.

When I received the car I've opened the rear door to see if the cd shuttle is also located at the same place as at the other models I've viewed. The bracket and cable was there, but the shuttle was removed. The radio was also not working.

The rear door does not stay open, and keeps falling on one's head when you are loading luggage in the vehicle.

Pieter Lombaard informed us that we can come back for the licence and number plate, as we were on our way to visit our son in Saldanha, and gave us a permit to cover the license and number plates. He also said that we can bring the car back on 23 June to sort out all the faults.

Pieter also said he would obtain the duplicate keys of the car.

I've discovered on the way home that the right hand side front and rear indicators are not working.

At home I've checked the other lights as well, and discovered that the park lights on the right are not working.

The next morning when I tried to open and start the car, it did not open with the remote, and I had to unlock it manually. I've discovered that the battery had run down overnight. I then had to jump start the car, and heard a noise like a fan running when the car started. We drove to Prince Albert, where we overnight at our son.

The next morning, the battery had run down again, and again the car had to be jump started. When my son and I coupled the jumper cables to the Touareg, we could clearly hear the fan running again. It sounds as if the fan that is located in the left front of the car, doesn't switch off for some or other reason.

We proceeded to Saldanha, where we experienced the same thing the following morning. The adjustment lever of the left front seat, where the battery is located is broken, and I had to struggle to move the seat forward in order to reach the battery terminals to uncouple one to prevent the battery from running flat overnight.

This is a very inconvenient exercise to uncouple the battery terminals every night.

There is a small compartment on top of, and in the centre of the dashboard, which cannot open. It appears that there is something wrong with the hinges.

Upon arrival at your Fairways branch, Pieter informed us due to the fact that it was a cash deal, I am responsible for the roadworthy and registration myself. This was never communicated by either Pieter or Dean on the day I've got the car. He also said he would confirm the time that I can bring the car for the faults to be fixed.

I had phoned him as well as Dean several times, in order to find out when I cal bring the car for the repairs, but every time received an unsatisfactory answer, or they did not answer the phone at all.

On 28 June I've decided to see what the air filter looks like, as the indicator light on the dashbord keeps reminding me to "Service now". To my surprise there was no air filter in the air cleaner at all..

I've furthermore been charged R1700.00 "SERVICE AND DELIVERY" fee, which I fail to see what this was for, as the car has clearly not been serviced!!!

The advertisement of the car, which I saw on the internet had 2 different cars photo's displayed, which I've pointed out to Pieter, and he had a look at your web site in my presence, and then confirmed that the photos were indeed of 2 different vehicles.

I had to go to Nelspruit on Thursday 30 June, and would therefore be needing the car. The permit expired on 06 July, and I was only scheduled to come back from Nelspruit on Sunday 10 July, and that is why I hoped that this issue could have been sorted out between the 23 and the 30th of June, but now it is not.

I've been told by Pieter Lombard that Angelique is the MD, and he gave me her e-mail address when he informed me to forward my complaints to her. She has never responded on my complaint. Is this the type of client service that this company is committed to????

Pieter Lombard informed me at a later stage it is company policy that clients purchasing vehicles cash are responsible for roadworthy and registration themselves. WTF!!!???

I only managed to get the E NATIS registration document of the vehicle, together with the duplicate key of the vehicle on the day the permit expired. They then expected me to pay R1000:00 for another permit, which Dean, the salesman has offered to pay. This is also not fair towards him.

The third and fourth photo's are of the car that I've purchased. The other two are of another car, but were included in the advertisement of the car on the internet.

Offender: Lisabank

Category: Cars & Transport


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