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Family planning

The service is very poor I came to the clinic on Friday around 12:00 and I was told the family planning nurse has knocked off I came again on Monday I waited on the Que for 2 hours and there was no nurse to attend us.why can't they do what they are hired to do. ...

Prime Talk PTY LTD

Prime Talk is a running a campaighn called Claims Inclusive in their Mount Edgecombe offices. and discrimination against african employees is rife, on my 7 day product training we were told not be absent during that period whatsoever and it happed that one of the Indian trainee happened to be i ...

Vinimark-The Wine Company
Delivery Tariffs

I am one of the Transporter with Vinimark in Limbro Park Gauteng. The company is expecting us to deliver wines from Limbro Park to Musina for only R2300.00.Petrol cost only is about R2000 and we cannot refuse delivery for the desparation of work. We still have to pay driver and assistant, vehicle ...