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Pay rates

How can chemetall employ new people and start them on a lower job descripton than a supervisor yet pay them more than the supervisor who has been with the company for 5 years. This just al seems like anfair labour practice. Vwsa in uitenhage is where this is happening people ...

Shine The Way 399
Am Shocked!!! All payment

I had gotten an SMS from a number saying that they do recruit people internationally to work. When I had called/emailed to find out, they had sent me the forms and wanted a R600 payment and would let me know in 2 weeks. Within the two week period, had gotten an email with someone elses offer of ...

Domestic Angels
Poor customer service

Domestic angels was used to find a suitable candidate for a domestic/nanny position. A two month guarantee was purchased, but the fulfilment thereof was always questionable, and not forthcoming from the company. E-mails were sent and calls were made, but I was requested to come in for a meeting ...

Hospitality Solutions Company
Ad service

I was called on 21 january2014 to come for an interview on 22 january 2014, the lady who called me gave me all the address and told me what documents to bring. on the 22 january i got there 11:50 and told them i was there for an interview they asked me to bring the document and i did. they attached ...