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Last year 2021 I lost my green ID book. This year 2022 I found out I have a SAFPS listing when I tried to open a business bank account. The listing was made by nedbank because allegedly I made a loan and submitted fake bank statements. I tried to resolve the issue with nedbank but they will not ...

Double personal loans

In 2015 Nedbank Soutgate branch gave me two personal loand and I was told that the one will settle the other. However this was not the case they paid out both loans and to my knowledge I was thinking it is one loan and the other has been settled. Now I am over- indebted and demand that the R59 333 ...


Nedbank Restricted all my Bank Accounts - without any permission to do so. This morning I wanted to make a payment, and guess what-from my Cheque accounts to my Savings accounts - ALL RESTRICTED!!! Phone Customer Service-they told me that I use the old Internet Banking-and that I must Register to ...

Settlement Letter

I am trying to get a settlement letter from Nedbank and no Luck!! promises it will be send to me but they don't phone them again and again. the inbox is full cant speak to a consultant and cant leave a message... #frustrated ...