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Evan Török - Oncidium Capital - Renel James - Eros Global Administration Ltd
WARNING: Evan Török committed to provide business project funding for a refundable fee and never performed or returned the fee

This is a WARNING to anyone considering business transactions with Evan Török of Cape Town, South Africa. Below is a caption of our experience over the past five (5) months.

Evan was on the receiving end of a wire transfer of over US$20, 000 initiated on December 3, 2021 that was part of the transaction ‘underwriting fees’ for supposedly securing a position in a financial mandate being handled by Evan, but processed through Renel James of Eros Global Administration Ltd (supposedly an ‘independent company’), and who is also employed under the Ninety One group, in London, for funding our legitimate oil and gas project in the USA.

Renel made clear representations November 24th, 2021 via a Confirmation Letter that Eros has ‘assisted Oncidium with such services for numerous of Oncidium’s transactions globally’ for deployment of funds for business projects like ours. Her letter also stated that ‘We also confirm that we have had sight of documentation from Oncidium that it holds more than the required capital amount of USD 251, 000, 000 to allocate to the following of your clients’, which included us.

The US$20, 000 was sent through KBRFX, a London FCA registered firm (#504575), and then to Renel James, who provided us a receipt for the funds on December 7th, 2021. Up to the date of this posting the transaction with Evan Török did not complete, all deadlines passed, and our US$20, 000 has not been returned back to us.

Evan Török has demonstrated an unusual pattern through this process of fatality excuses, banking excuses, holiday excuses, medical excuses, delays, avoidance, vague promises over the past several months that all equate to nonperformance and his maneuvering to stay in a tangibly unaccountable position to us as his client. He has gone as far as suggesting several times over that our client fee amounts to nothing ‘equivalent of the price of a watch’ (May 20, 2022).

‘I mean, If you look at your investment, which, you can’t even buy a watch with that’ (April 12, 2022). ‘The quotes 35k is not worth my while Jay’ (May 20, 2022). ‘Can’t believe I’m even getting messages over 35k’ (May 20, 2022). Wow!

All the while, we have maintained stable and professional dialogue requesting basic and reasonable business updates and accountability from Evan Török. IF we can even get a response from him, it is always a short vague text or email with either no substance or defensive dialogue. Further, for the past three (3) months he has willfully avoided requests to engage on a simple phone call, as well.
THREE (3) MONTHS of this avoidance! Therefore, due to the obvious dysfunctional experience with Evan Török, we can only presume that there has to be some level of dishonesty and integrity problems that has transpired that we have to take action and start uncovering layer by layer in hopes we secure the return of our refundable fees for his nonperformance of services.

We have engaged counsel now and started contacting government authorities in London and Cape Town. And how about this one …….. as of the past two weeks, Evan Török has in essence begun blaming our delays and his nonperformance on us (the client) for contacting Renel James and the authorities requesting their assistance for some form of accountability and truth because we could not get it from Evan Törok. Can you say paradoxical quandry?!

We were told by Renel James that there was a ‘dissolution of the relationship’ with Evan Török (April, 2022), but was not provided a reason. Shortly thereafter she became hostile and defensive toward us. We are suspecting there was possibly a personal relationship between the two of them that went sideways and as a result, we (the client) are being victimized with no funding, no progress, nor the return of our refundable fees.

We are currently taking extra measures to enforce our rights. But most of all, we want to FOREWARN anyone considering business with Evan Török to simply be aware of our experiences so you can rethink your consideration. We are an upstanding successful operation in the USA with a great track record. And most of all, we care about people not being preyed upon or susceptible to potential bad actors like Evan Török and possibly Renel James.

A Con Man is short for “Confidence Man”, a con artist. He is dishonest. He is a swindler who makes his living by exploiting the confidence of his victims; a person who tricks other people in order to get their money. Please know I will report any updates regarding the facts, return of funds back to us, and/or government intervention. In the meantime, please consider the precautions at your own risk upon conducting business transactions with Evan Török and/or possibly Renel James until further notice.

Numbers 32:23 But if you fail to keep your word, then you will have sinned against the LORD, and you may be sure that your sin will find you out.

1Corinthians 6:10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.


June 13, 2022
Another client ripped off by Evan Török and Renal James now confirmed

A second client of Evan Török and Renel James has contacted us who basically went through the same experience with them. It has been over 18 months and they never received their funding AND can barely get any communications from them. Evan apparently is following the in the footsteps of his father who apparently has a history of deception for his own gain.

If you have been ripped off by Evan Török or Renel James, please come forward ASAP with your information. We are working diligently with authorities and attorneys to avert them from harming and preying on other folks. Thank you

July 4, 2022
Another victim of Evan Török confirmed for almost US$50, 000

We just confirmed another victim who recently lost approximately US$50, 000. Supposedly Renel James was not involved in swindling this guy since he was located in Europe. The pattern continues to support that Evan Török is a master impersonator who falsely presents himself as successful funding businessman. It is all a sham. This gentleman also confirmed that it is now practically impossible for him to connect with Evan since he wired him his money.

It appears Evan Török is primarily mining his victims from LinkedIn with posts such as this one on July 3rd, 2022: "We have been successsfully funding transactionsof between $25m-$1.2B internationally for almost a decade now. Standing the test of time. #funding".

We are currently making waves to expose the TRUTH of this master conman and bring light to his awful family legacy of darkness of stealing the bread from the table of good families. Please also be advised that Evan is deceptively playing the 'Christian card' presenting himself as an honorable Christian man as part of his sick and twisted swindling scheme.

Please-please contact us and your local government authorities ASAP. We have been contacted by people who either lost their money or almost lost their money to the Evan Török scandals. It is imperative we here from you as we shine the light on the dark heart of Evan Török and his schemes.

July 4, 2022
WOW! Another victim taken for $63, 000 by Evan Török the conman thief

Unbelievable! The victims just keep piling in. Barely within one-hour of confirming the last victim this morning, I immediately get a call from another guy from Europe who confirms he was also scammed by Evan Török and Renel James for approximately $63, 000. Same exact patterns.

Swindle you out of your money using master-crafty deception, lead you on for a few weeks, then practically stop returning your calls and talking to you. Renel also treated this guy the same way she treated us; retaliatory, combative, and threatening. Likely scared because we have uncovered the TRUTH about her and her boyfriend Evan Török.

This guy is joining us in the pursuit of Evan and Renel and also engaged an attorney, as well. It is just a matter of time now before justice will be served and we can take down this criminal. We are now up to five (5) victims who placed money with Evan Török and one (1) victim who almost placed money with Evan Török until he found our ripoff report warning him of the TRUTH.

Again, please-please come forward if you have been subjected to any dealings with either Evan Török or Renel James, whether you gave him money for services or were about to give him money for services. Please help us stop vultures like Evan Török and Renel James who prey on good people and families.

July 6, 2022
Evan Török scams another victim for US$12, 000

It's like the dominoes are just falling on almost a daily basis now. I was just contacted this afternoon by another victim of Evan Török and his scamming scandals. Evan Török scammed another guy in Europe. We are having a conference call next week as exposure and TRUTH about this notorious criminal Evan Török gains momentum.

Evan took approximately US$12, 000 from this businessman. Just like his father Janos, Evan has made a career criminal enterprise out of scamming people out of their good money without providing any refunds or services promised by him and his dubious legal counsel Renel James who works for Ninety-One.

Master conmanship. Thank goodness we have Evan's passport, Evan's drivers license, and Renel's passport to confirm these are their true identities. They have become the new Tinder Swindlers of sorts. More to come.

Please contact us immediately if you have been swindled out of your money by the Evan Török and Renel James scandal. We also just filed an international complaint with the United States FTC today that is linked into approximately 40 countries around the world.

July 7, 2022
Three (3) more Evan Török victims uncovered today... and tons of intel

Geez, what a day! Insane amount of overwhelming intel flowing in on Evan Török the conman. Victims primarily all over Europe contacting us now. I think he has touched about every continent in the world with his scandals. It is safe to say with 200% confidence that Evan Török is indeed a bonafide CONMAN.
This guy just leaves a trail of busted relationships that hate him and know he is a conniving thief trying to impersonate a lavish lifestyle when in fact, he is just lowly cowardly loser impersonator, similar to the guy the FBI helped me put in prison here in the USA a few years ago. Deadbeat to the power of 25.

Confirmed: Renel James is complicit in Evan Török’s thefts
Confirmed: Evan Török’s education profile on LinkedIn is completely fabricated. Never been to college or university and absolutely does not have an MBA
Confirmed: Evan Török has a history of abusive and threatening behavior
Confirmed: Evan Török is regular 'user’
Confirmed: Evan Török uses alias name (s) and multiple fake accounts to his benefit This dude in no way can be a Christian if he is treating people like this. I would think that Christ is repulsed by his behavior.

This dude is a walking nightmare stealing from people across his circle of influence including the victims who entrusted him with their 'refundable’ fees that were never returned. The pattern and numerous victims will speak for themselves soon. We are simply shining the light on the TRUTH of Evan Török and Renel James scandals.

Check out this bullcrap LinkedIn post Evan Török placed on LinkedIn about two (2) years ago. TOTALLY BOGUS. This is how he lures people into his web of deception with the hope that a moderate amount of their money toward his (Evan’s) 'refundable’ fees will gain them access to the millions of dollars they need for their business to achieve their dreams and hopes for them and their families, just like me. Then bam, nothing! Its all a sham.

Evan Török skates off with your money and his latest girlfriend and leaves you and your children and families high and dry in the dust. Again, just look at this sample posting that sounds soooo convincing: "Our team have doubled in size since Covid. We have funded #technology, #projects and transactions that will revolutionize future generations. New portfolio launched on Wednesday. Over $2 billion that we can place in 5 days.” utm_source=linkedin_share&utm_medium=member_desktop_web

So we picked up about three (3) more victims just today alone. I have a wealth of information to share but we need to keep it under wraps for now while intervention gains traction. Again, please-please keep the intel flowing in and contact us ASAP if you have information to assist us with exposing the TRUTH about Evan Török and Renel James and their thieving conniving thefts of what is now approximately ten (10) victims so far, and expected to increase. Be part of the solution to this problem created by the awful twisted mindset of Evan Török.

July 8, 2022
Narcotics, Narcotics, Narcotics ….. why do people keep saying the word Narcotics?

Another busy day in the scandalous world of the Evan Török & Renel James wannabe-playboy saga, although most of todays connections were primarily all about Evil Evan. That’s because we are now dating this scandal back to at least 2017 and 2018 before Renel was involved and became complicit in Evan’s twisted thefts. We are now up to sixteen (16) victims and climbing almost daily now. Again, this scoundrel has touched almost every continent in the world. But more interestingly, over the past two days this word ‘narcotics’ keeps coming up in conversations. Apparently Evil Evan has a sensational appetite for ‘narcotics’. Man, we got a real winner here now don’t we?! Geez. I guess since his ‘university education’ is completely fabricated (confirmed this week) the only real education he has is a ‘masters in poor choices and deception’.

We really appreciate all the support and intel rolling in from people around the world who want to lead healthy positive peaceful lives and make a successful impact on families and businesses. Because people like this are ‘secure attachment’ profile people, they are not afraid to come forward and be a part of the solution and stand against fraudulent activities like those of Evan Török. Standing to expose the TRUTH together provides a significant synergy for winning and overcoming setbacks together. We are grateful. And justice WILL be served….. very soon.



July 12, 2022 05:25 AM
We are now at eighteen (18) victims into the Evan Török and Renel James scandal. Of course Evil Evan is already playing his same ole song-and-dance record of threats to try and hush people up from exposing his true twisted character of deceit. But we really have no interest in his boring record, we are interested in justice. LOTS of us. Most interesting gentleman has also joined us with an excellent amount of insight that is going to add some fireworks to this pursuit. Just fascinating that Evil Evan pulled this cycle of deception off for such a long period of time.

The mind of evil often reflects an ideology with chameleon and destructive dimensions. You see the chameleon on the surface with oozing smiles, words of hope, and sometimes a projection of great things to come that stir a sense of pride for being part of a greater cause. The destructive values lie beneath the surface awaiting discovery.

Beneath the surface, there is no regard for the individual and his or her uniqueness. There is a devaluation of others, contempt, depersonalization and dehumanization. There is an absence of empathy.

Through the eyes of evil, the world is filled with fools to be manipulated and exploited. Thus, this person cannot afford to tell the truth about the underlying plan. Lies, deceptions, half-truths are presented as facts and reality to mask the destructive core.

Evil is a distortion of normal human desires and values. You'll commonly find this distortion expressed through an ideology that disguises no capacity to care for people. The connection to people is through an ideology that favors evil. People are seen as mere objects or things.

Welcome to the evil legacy of Evan Török and Renel James…. preying on innocent good people for their own financial gain. Please continue contacting us with your insight and intel and help us expose the TRUTH about Evan Török and Renel James.
July 13, 2022 07:19 PM
Evan Török removes his fabricated bogus education from his LinkedIn profile!

Wow, we just can’t make this stuff up, right?! Our international master conman Evan Török has now removed his supposed MBA and CFA educations from his LinkedIn profile. Pictures available so you can see it for yourself if you want to contact us. Also posted on ripoff report website search of Oncidium Capital.

Hmmmmm. Either you attended and are a graduate from University of Africa with an MBA or you are not. Pretty plain and simple don’t you think?

Please contact us with your information and help us expose the TRUTH on Evan Török of Cape Town (or wherever this scammer in bouncing around) and his twisted mindset for scheming people around the world.
July 20, 2022 02:03 AM
'You Can't Even Buy a Watch with That' US$35,000 - Audio Recording May, 2022

Here is a weblink to the sound clip of Evan Török saying he cannot even buy a watch with the US$35,000 refundable fees we paid him so you can hear it for yourselves. Just unbelievable isn't it!

Luke 14:11 - For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.
August 03, 2022 08:07 PM
19 Evan Török Victims

We have now confirmed a 19th Evan Török victim.
August 04, 2022 07:02 AM
20 Victims of vampire shyster Evan Török confirmed


We have now confirmed another Evil Evan Török victim. This is number 20. This one also confirmed that he was also approached by Evan on LinkedIn before Evil Evan laid his elaborate nefarious web to scheme this guy out of his honest money.

Evan is like this vampire that's just continually sucking the life right out of everyone he encounters from what we keep learning. Geez! Shining the sunlight of TRUTH on this vampire and Renel has just got to be infuriating his crafty deceitful plans of selfish gain to others detriments.

We also confirmed another guy who was invoiced by Renel James but did not pay it, thank the Lord!

So, we are now over $400,000 in refundable fees that were scammed by wannabe playboy loser Evil Evan Török and his gullible girlfriend Renel James. And we are $160,000 in 'invoiced fees that were not paid' that they were attempting to scam from other people around the world.

Also noticed Renel James (Cape Town) has suddenly taken down her LinkedIn profile, as well..... hmmmmm, I wonder why? Maybe it's because her two kids and all her family and coworkers will know the true legacy she is leaving in the trail of her poor choices. What a darn shame.
August 17, 2022 08:29 PM
Evan strikes again Victim 21 confirmed

We now confirm that Evil Evan has successfully preyed on another victim, who came forth to share their story and confirm what the other twenty (20) of us experienced. It is no coincidence that the stories are almost identical. It is no coincidence that NO client has EVER been provided a windfall of funding by Evil Evan back to 2017. It is all part of his elaborate sham for stealing upfront fees from both start-up and existing businesses/projects under the deceitful guise of helping them expand or develop their opportunities. He has NO intention of successfully funding anyone because frankly.......he is incapable. So the drums of vindication beat well ahead of us, I look forward to reporting an update soon. Exposing the TRUTH of Evan Török.
September 10, 2022 05:43 PM
The Evan Török and Renel James Legacy Continues - Victim 22

Just received ANOTHER call from ANOTHER victim of Vampire Evan Török and his deceitful scheming career dating back to 2017. We now confirm Victim 22 after a lengthy conversation with them. They also included some interesting details that were unlike the other 21 of us that further confirmed that Evan's intentions are strictly for feeding his insatiable appetite on the dark side of his life.

What amazes me is a guy like Evil Evan could have just been honest and do so much good CHOOSES to be used as an 'instrument for evil' to do such much harm and bad toward others for his own selfish gain like Evil Evan. I mean outside victims, we are talking family, friends, associates, etc.

It has got to be one lonely and peaceless life for Evan Török constantly watching over his shoulder and living every day in unfulfilling darkness. Romans 6:23 is clear 'For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.' I am actually amazed Evil Evan is still alive given his history of deception, track record, and enemies.

So was someone else.... check out the following LinkedIn exchange that Evan erased upon the commentator's post:

Evan Török Linkedin Profile: September 5th, 2022
We have a very exciting announcement ahead! watch this space.

Commentator Response: Evan glad to hear you are alive. I thought you must be dead as its been 6 months snice charging us 50k in fees then falling off the face of the earth. Have you got a court date for the fraud case yet?
October 19, 2022 06:34 PM
Evan Török - Thug Wannabe Playboy Fraudster - International Scammer

Apparently Evan Török has developed this pattern of disappearing for long periods of time and then reappearing, which has led to serious concerns and speculation that he may not be alive given his history of shady dealings. Fortunately, we were able to reconfirm that Evan is indeed, alive. We were also able to confirm that Renel James is no longer employed at Ninety One Group.  

We also received credible information that supports a Victim 23 is making considerations for coming forward to share details on how Evil Evan ripped them off too like the other 22 victims we uncovered, so far.  

Please contact us ASAP if you have been swindled by Evan Török of Cape Town, South Africa or have credible information that could support our pursuit of bringing him to justice soon and shutting down his international scamming operations.
October 22, 2022 07:27 PM
Victim 23 of Notorious Villains Evan Török & Renel James Confirmed

That’s right…. Victims continue contacting us, although a bit slower now. But fortunately we had some pretty big developments this week that are moving us very close to vindication. It’s just a matter of time before this criminal goes down (again). Outside our efforts, this new victim has already been in hot pursuit of Evil Evan and his unethical sidekick accomplice Renel James from King Williams Township in Great Britain (but residing in Cape Town, South Africa). We are joining together our connections and information for what will soon be a successful outcome. 

When I was sending over Renel’s passport along with all of Evan’s identification and my FBI complaint here in the USA from back in June, 2022, I could not help but notice the striking similarity their relationship seems to have, as a modern day version, to the famous Oliver Twist novel from Charles Dickens. Evan is very similar to the criminal mastermind Fagin who lures children into his thieving network and trains them to be pickpockets in return for sheltering and feeding them; Fagin keeps the ill-gotten money for himself, but mistreats and threatens them if they do not do his bidding. Has he already lured Caryn B. into his dark evil scheming enterprise? A life of darkness like Evan’s is just magnified across so many lives when a person like him ‘chooses’ to lead a life of evil due to his vicious appetite of addictions and poor choices. Unfortunately, Romans 6:23 is clear that, like Fagin, the wages of his actions command an outcome. It’s simply just a matter of time. More to come soon. 

Please take heart for our good and contact us right away with your information on our Thug Playboy Wannabe, Evan Török. You can choose to remain anonymous if you are concerned about exposure or retribution from him or his associates.
October 24, 2022 06:23 AM
Idiot Evan Török is at it AGAIN!

Folks, you just can't make this stuff up. Just like when Evil Evan posted his fake education on LinkedIn and then erased it when we busted him back on July 13, 2022, he has now created a Twitter and Youtube profile trying to make himself look like he successfully funded hotels and retail centers. TOTALLY BOGUS! We have the proof.

(Drum roll please) This clown just keeps on tripping over his own shoes...... If you look up idiot Evan's Youtube profile named Oncidium Capital, one of the videos is called 'Retail Company' and it shows a short clip of a forklift running up and down an isle. Idiot Evan states in his comments 'Oncidium capital provided a revolving credit facility to a bulk retail company to fund increase in inventory.' But-but-but-but then why did I just find the SAME EXACT VIDEO on Youtube  by ThistleSystems called 'Racking Collapse in Warehouse'? It's because Evan is a bonafide idiot! He tripped over his own shoes like a moron Vampire and just exposed the TRUTH of who he really is....... AGAIN! Geez!

Like the scammer he is, he will probably be conducting some scamatorial housecleaning to erase the BUSTED content like he did his false bogus education. But fortunately for you, just look them up on Youtube (unless he erased his) or contact me and I have snapshots available if you want to see them firsthand.

Please contact us if you have any insight or information on this Bumbling Low-class Wannabe Playboy Idiot or his sidekick Renel James. What a total embarassement to his latest shackgal Caryn B and his family. And so Evil Idiot Evan's dark legacy continues to unfold.
October 27, 2022 02:05 AM
Cocaine Lines, Hookers, Whisky, Cigars and Jesus….. Really?

I am just speechless. We had another BIG influx of victims and associates come in this past week who are pouring information into our pursuit of our Thug Wannabe Playboy Idiot Loser, Evan Török. WOW. This guy is a total dumpster diver. Such a shame, everything I learned really leads me to conclude that Satan has his talons so deep in this guy that it is practically hopeless he could pull out of this dark death spiral that he lives in daily. Evan is living in the darkest of darkness. This is just classic infestive mega-toxic loser stuff. This bad actor has no chance at a normal life. Anyone who remotely would consider conducting business with this Wasted Washout needs to listen to the audio postings on that demonstrates the depth of darkness this guy is hiding from potential contenders for his fake funding services. The dynamics are so bad, that his father, Janos Török (financial services violator) will have nothing to do with his Wastoid son (confirmed).

We are now at a confirmed 28 victims as of this week and over US$500,000 in stolen fees from clients by Evil Evan Török and his dark mistress Renel James.

Please contact us with your detailed information to help us take down this Notorious International Scammer, his mistress, and associate of thugs. Cape Town also has a toll-free anti-corruption hotline at 0800 32 31 30 where you can anonymously report corruption, as well.

Proverbs 15:29 - The Lord is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayer of the righteous.
November 12, 2022 04:35 AM
Victim 29 of Evil Evan and Renegade Renel Confirmed

The number of victims these two lazy thugs scammed worldwide has got to be outlandish. Victims just keep surfacing. Can you imagine what this is going to do to Renel’s future when it catches up to her! Was it worth it? I was put into remembrance today how Renegade Renel played out her role so well for her ‘Master Evan’, by acting like she was as a third-party legal banking source confirming that he had the ability on account to provide over $250 million in project funding. What a total sham! HER consequences are just festering for revelation. Was it really worth it?! Crash and burn legacy straight ahead; she has got to be living day-to-day in a spiraling life of fear and anxiety.

Fortunately we had some huge developments this week! Our ‘advocacy for good’ produced some unexpected valuable intel. I will say that a clean conscious is worth invaluable peace of mind. TRUTH

With this 29th victim, we are now tapping pretty close to the US$600,000 mark in stolen money by Evil Evan and Renegade Renel’s deceitful international fee stealing scandal. Tick-tock; the wailing sound of sirens grow louder from the distance. My prediction: future looks bleak for these two hooligans. AND, we were just told within the past two hours that two more victims are to be forthcoming over the next three days or so. More to come on our Wannabe Playboy Thug Evan Török and his mistress conwoman Renel James, the ex-employed derivatives lawyer of Ninety One group in Cape Town. Sidenote: Renegade Renel’s LinkedIn now says she is ‘self employed’. Could this be code for…… unemployable? Hmmm
November 16, 2022 06:20 AM
The LinkedIn Swindler

We have literally been in intel-overload for the past 36 hours, just trying to keep it all properly organized and categorized while we work with our sources. We are amazingly at 37 confirmed victims and over US$775,000 in stolen fees be Evil Evan Török and Renegade Renel James, the ex-employeed derivatives lawyer of Ninety One group in Cape Town. This is a staggering jump of eight (8) new victims in just four days. And we are expecting interviews and/or confirmations on two (2) more new victims tomorrow, at the least.

Evan has now been officially dubbed ‘The LinkedIn Swindler’ since he primarily mined most of his victims into his Oncidium Capital fee stealing operation from LinkedIn, who interestingly refuses to shut him down after they have been contacted on a multiple of occassions by at least five (5) of our victims regarding Evil Evan’s international fee stealing scandal. We share the proof, and LinkedIn does nada/nothing/zilch/zero. Wow! Class action lawsuit?

We had some big developments over the past 24 hours that are pretty lethal for our end game. Has anyone heard about Premier Funding Services Ltd located in Mauritius Island and their ongoing association with Evil Evan Török the international fee stealing scammer? Why would a legitimate business jeopardize their reputation by working with a notorious scammer? Hint: exorbitant. These guys hit our radar quiet a while back. But ‘a new pattern’ of dealings between our Wannabe Playboy Thug and this ‘financial services firm’ recently emerged that could potentially make them complicit in ‘servicing’ Evil Evan’s ongoing scamming operation. They knew; and we now know that they knew. Tick-tock.

And how about Renel….. good ole Renegade Renel. We’ve got a real winner here folks! The surprising intel that came down the pipe in the past 24 hours on her literally made me stand up out of my chair. It was an ‘are you kidding me’ moment! I need say nothing else. Almost disbelief. She is quite the perfect match for her Master Evan. They are going to match really well before this is said and done. Tick-tock.

And now we have a wonderful new introduction to the Török Thug Team by way of Kylie Roebeck, a Török soldier of sorts that takes orders from the Thug King himself in doing his bidding. For a while we were not sure if ‘she’ even truly existed, which is why she stayed off the commentaries. That was until we received some unexpected intel followed by sweet confirmations through a circle of correspondents that conferred that our Assistant Thug was indeed a person who is part of the Török Scandal Clan. I must say that some of the email strings I reviewed over the past 24 hours were just heart breaking how Evan/Renel/Kylie all just have no conscience about leading innocent good people on… and on… and on…. and on…. and on …. and on …. and on ….. and on…… and on…. and on for weeks and months and weeks and months painstakingly through their deceptive nonexistent process that they knowingly know has no expected successful services outcome, all so they can feed their loser addictions and poor choices. Can you say ‘day of reckoning’? Tick-tock.

A few days ago I was having my morning Bible reading and this scripture just jumped off the page in thought of Evil Evan and Renegade Renel and the life of darkness they are blazing through daily. Check this out:

John 3:19-21 - This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the TRUTH comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.

Light vs Darkness Good vs Evil Faith vs Fear Truth vs Lie Peace vs Dismay Joy vs Misery
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