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Evan Török - Oncidium Capital - Renel James - Eros Global Administration Ltd
WARNING: Evan Török committed to provide business project funding for a refundable fee and never performed or returned the fee

This is a WARNING to anyone considering business transactions with Evan Török of Cape Town, South Africa. Below is a caption of our experience over the past five (5) months. Evan was on the receiving end of a wire transfer of over US$20, 000 initiated on December 3, 2021 that was part of the ...

Craig Schneider
Stole my clients

For someone who practices the law, Craigh Schneider is a very unethical business person. As a trustee of a trust I worked for, he stole my clients and proceeded with entering into a very long lease agreement with them completely excluding me from the entire process. Not only did he steal my ...