Neezy Technologies, also known as Giant Lottos
Giant Lottos is a Fraudulent Scam

The fundamental rule of lotto games is that buyers pay for randomly drawn tickets. The other basic rule is that the ticket purchaser is the sole owner of those tickets without any condition, so all wins are payable immediately and in full to them. Moreover, all buyers pay the same price for the exact lotto, and all the lottery operators must publicly announce all results of all draws as a matter of course and without delay. Infringement of any of these ground rules is a blatant BREACH OF TRUST, which is criminal as it entails fraud and possibly even theft.
I discovered that Giant Lottos (an alias for a company whose valid name is Neezy Technologies) presents itself under false pretenses as a lotto seller via the internet, with a telephonic back-office. This enterprise specialized in sweet-talking its clients into paying presumably for lotto tickets, when in fact, the core business of Giant Lottos is a complete and systematic ABUSE OF TRUST RELATIONS that are tantamount to fraud, lies, and theft of tickets bought and prizes earned. Specific steps in this fraudulent scam include the following::
First, when you pay for a lotto ticket via Giant Lottos, the owner of that ticket is Giant Lottos, not the buyer;
2. Giant Lottos sells the same ticket at differing prices, and its agents’ commissions rise according to how much more than the accurate price they were able to extract from payers (often by false promises);
3. Giant Lottos claims it takes 5% of winnings over £1000.- but in practice, it skims off all significant wins that do not show on buyers’ accounts by manipulating their computer register to harm legitimate payers; and
4. Misleading clients into buying tickets with promises of thousands of dollars never credited and repeatedly claiming that some large amount is missing to obtain the credit, which, however, will never happen;
5. In my case, they even showed me (via Zoom) the register of a person with my identical birthday, telling me that these winnings would revert to me after additional payments to sort out the transfer with “Fair Lottos” ticket sellers and other intermediaries. Then they told me that the person who supposedly won died before the payout, and it was not me, as I never won anything at all. More minor lies include their promise to pay wins within two business days. But, as always, no large win ever happens. All Giant Lottos will give you is an abuse of trust, lies, and outright theft.
In support of their deceitful fraudulent scheme, they present themselves under a fake name, “Giant Lottos, ” with an address and telephone in the UK, but there is no such company registered in the UK (or anywhere else as best can be discovered). The UK telephone is merely an answering service. There are no offices there. Giant Lottos is an African scam, with co-conspirators in fraud posing as sales agents out of South Africa (who mostly speak English with a heavy SA accent), with a bank account registered to Neezy Technologies (Banking Details: Account: 11876212 IBAN: GB35SBIC40523311876212 Sort code: 40-52-33 Swift Code: SBICJESH Beneficiary Name: Neezy Technologies Bank: Standard Bank Jersey Limited Bank Address: 47 - 49 La Motte Street Jersey JE48XR United Kingdom). There may be other banks in Cyprus or Greece and other such jurisdictions.
None of their co-conspirators posing as salespeople can ever be reached on a valid personal telephone number, and nobody provides a valid address. They use internet phones with a different number that cannot be called back when contacting clients, phones with country codes variously in the USA, UK, Thailand, etc., but never the same, or indeed a traceable number. So, Giant Lottos is neither a legitimate legal entity registered anywhere nor an honest agent of a legit lotto seller/distributor/organizer, and all their offers, proposals, deals, etc., are swindles.
The lead thieves and liars are OLIVER CRANSWICK (Chief Advisory Officer; [email protected]), KATJA DE WAAL (Financial Controller – Payments [email protected]), Dr. MARK MARAIS (Fair Lottos [email protected]). Other co-conspirators in crime include WADE PRINCE (Lottery Advisory [email protected]), LEONARD HOFFMAN (Senior Accounts Manager [email protected]), JACQUE LOUW (Senior Lottery Payments Manager [email protected]), ZAC SMITH (Regional Director (Africa [email protected]), and RICHARD ANTHONY (Senior Account Manager [email protected]). Each of these persons has swindled me, stolen my money, and abused my trust.
The people you speak with invariably conceal their true identity, valid contact details, and the proper business of Giant Lottos. In such an elaborate swindle scheme, the names that the co-conspirators use and sign by in contact with trusting but naïve clients like me could well be fake names.
Because of its elaborate swindle structure, recuperating any money or suing Giant Lottos on any count encounters difficulties. The legal entity Giant Lottos does not exist, and its location is also difficult to establish. Legal action depends on the jurisdiction, which requires those basic details. The unavoidable conclusion is that those calling themselves Giant Lottos represent the grand theft and extorsion enterprise. GIANT LOTTOS IS GIANT THEFT UNLIMITED.



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