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To Whom It May Concern

Intec keeps saying we pride our self to be the South African Leader in Distance Learning, however I am yet to experience this, I am in my second year of a Higher Diploma Course and just have endless battles and disappointment from Intec.

Let me start with saying the Covid19 Pandemic has affected the world globally not just Intec as you staff is making out in my numerous emails and numerous calls to Intec that I have had to make at my expense.

Yes I do not life and work in South Africa, I life and work in Mocambique and have no other option as work is just not available everywhere anymore you have to go where there is work, but that is why you are a Distance Learning institution and I enrolled with Intec, well supposed to be anyway.

1. My 1st year as a student was not a good experience I had to make contact with DHET just to get my results from 2019 and enrol for 2020 due to the lack of support provided by Intec.
2. Due to the lack of support from Intec and the search for 3 months to find my payment made for the full year I had to start my 2nd year late in April 2020.
3. I have 4 Subjects this year and have been sending assignments since April 2020 and yet up until today I am to receive any information on it whether it be results, yes we finally found your email of submission, or even get an update on my Student Portal, but no nothing from Intec.
4. I have enrolled for June Exams and made the full payment of R1800 for my 4 Subjects and now again I must re-register for November Exams, how is this possible, what have you done with my funds already paid, and why do you send me an email saying you are en-rolled and now it is a different story.

Once the pandemic has taken affect on the borders for SA and Mocambique I have had numerous conversations via telephone and email to your team and was assured there is measures in place don’t stress about writing exams etc now I get these forms telling me if I am more than 150km away I must request a private invigilator at R750 per subject that is an additional R3000 you want from me and Intec will decide if that person gets approved or not and will courier my exam papers, when I called I am given to options pay it or option 2 come back to SA otherwise you don’t write exams.

Please tell me how do you justify all of this.

1. How are you planning on approving a private invigilator in another country if I am giving you a person to use.
2. Why must I pay for a private invigilator if again I give you a person to use.
3. How are you planning on sending exam papers to Mocambique if the borders are closed and only Cargo is allowed, look at your own SA Gazette it is made very clear, as well as the Mocambique Gazette.
4. How do you justify R750 per subject for payment of this private invigilator service but people in SA can pay R250, and why are you robbing them as well for this service is it our fault that the pandemic is here, is the schools charging students anything extra, no not one educational institution in any country for that matter is charging this crazy amounts of money.

Your team has made is clear to me if you don’t like it and don’t want to pay then come back to SA, do you have any idea what this process for repatriation is like and do you know it is only for medical reasons not exams so how am I going to get it approved.

Furthermore I have four different exam dates 31/10 and 28/11 and 05/12 and 12/12 and I must do 10-14 days quarantine for each time entering and exiting SA or Moz if I even get approved by both consulate, I must pay for accommodation on the SA side and eat meals every day do you know the costs involved in this, I have a family and a full time job that I will loose if I request repatriation as no employer in the world will give me so must days leave or time off, why can the documents not be emailed to my invigilator chosen and completed exam sent back the same way like we do with assignments.


Company: Intec College

Category: Education & Science


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