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Intec college
Refusal to cancel course

I have asked Intec since last year if they could cancel my course and no one seems to take this seriously yet they are still debiting money from my account? I hardly received any correspondence before I canceled and wait for quite some time for my textbooks to be available on line I tried several ...

Leno De Villiers
Refusing to Refund

Last year I saw an ad on Gum Tree for houses that were repressed and going for cheaper prices. I told my parents about this houses and they decided to buy 2 houses from them of which each house was R200 000 so they paid 2 houses which added up to R400 000 cash price. they also paid the 10 000 cash ...

Forex Varsity

Forex Varsity is nothing but a sleazy slimy scam. all looks well when you are starting but the mentorship advertised, signals given and broker used is all either fake or incredibly terrible. I payed R19500 for a course after being told it would increase to R28500 within the next month. Only to then ...