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Postal Code: 0299
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Poor service

An employee phoned on Friday 17/03/2023 to confirm my address for collection. I had to ask when they would collect as she was ready to hang up leaving me to guess... she insisted that I should know it's on Monday 20/03/2023. When I told her no one informed me and I wouldn't be available till the ...

Mug and Bean
Poor quality food

Special advertised for soups ;looked good so i decided to order the Moroccan soup as the photos looked as it would be like a nice hearty meal. On arrival it was just blended mush with nothing inside as per photo, when complained to the manager he stated that the photo just showed potato as garnish ...

Unhappy patient

Good afternoon My Tanya Ramakobya I am a patient of Ferncrest and the whole of my family. Recently I feel like the doctors at the emergency room they are not taking us seriously. I was there a week ago because of my tonsils and she just look and said Ohk I will give u a medication do you need a ...

Dr Annelize
I was not informed

My brother in law handles all my mothers financial needs using her own money. We are 4 children totally divided as has been for 30 years. Dr Annelize said she would inform me of any change in my mother. I had a gut feel to go and visit her and phoned on Wednesday to make an appointment to see my ...