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Bad Service

I have been to Fedics canteen located in Toyota SA Motors (Prospecton) in IPC department. Their service and time keeping is very poor. We work with time, but they are failing to have everything ready before we get to the canteen. Please supervise and assist. ...

Epic Foods
Utterly Butterly disgrace

I purchased the New product Utterly butterly, and this product does not resemble butter in any shape taste or form. All it is is a very expensive margarine. This product is disgusting to someone who only eats butter or the regular butter spreads like Butro - Zero stars for this product :( ...

McDonald's onderkkers
Food poisoning

Me and my husband bought 2 double quarter pounder meals with coke . On 14th May 2017, late that night we started feeling a bit sick . The morning of the 15th both of us woke up very sick, it was confirmed food poisoning. Never will I buy food there or at any franchise of them ...