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Checkers Dohlabeng Mall Bethlehem
Rotten chicken

I bought chicken wings and drumsticks from checkers yesterday and as I unpacked my groceries t home I smelled the nasty rotten chicken. It was not past it's sell-by date so I did not think to smell it when I took it from the shelf. Not impressed at all because it will cost me another trip to go to ...

Uber South Africa

I requested uber this morning and i was very pertubed to find out that i owe uber outstanding charges for an order that was cancelled a long time ago. How can i be owing uber for something i didnt receive and furthermore the contents would have not been delivered to me if i didnt pay.. This was ...

Complaint-review: McDonald's - Observatory - RawFod

McDonald's - Observatory

My order came cold and RAW, as images show all my nuggets were pink (uncooked) on the inside. This is a severe health concern for many reasons (eating raw chicken is dangerous and serving raw chicken to your customers is just bad service). I paid so much money for this (I'm a student). They didn't ...