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Pies are expired

I bought a box of Mama's pies and all of them was expired i no longer kept the box as i went through all of them, i dont have any evidence of them any more i do appologize but i wanted to know what i needed to do in this case ...

Meat World
Value for money

My name is Neo, I went to meat world Wonderboom yesterday to complain about the oxtail I bought from them, spoke to a lady who was on yh floor...nd she went to call management, I spoke to a guy who did not even introduce himself, told hm t there is a fridge at the front of the shop where I took two ...

Bad Service

I have been to Fedics canteen located in Toyota SA Motors (Prospecton) in IPC department. Their service and time keeping is very poor. We work with time, but they are failing to have everything ready before we get to the canteen. Please supervise and assist. ...