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Cell c
Payment issues

I have an cell c account.when we upgraded they told us it is R330 then a few months later they phoned and said they gave us the wrong amount and we are behind in payments. We started paying R500 a month and one month even double that amount. I pay on the first and every month on the 8th the deduct ...

Don't even have a Cell C contract

Good day - please note I have received numerous calls from MBD that I owe Cell C money - If I call them they can't even tell me what the number is for my "cell C" contract. This have been going on for a year now. I don't even have a Cell C contract since 2015. Please can this be resolve. ...

Cell C
Pathetic cellphone reception

Instead of building fancy offices in woomead area maybe cell c should invest in more cellphone reception towers!!! They quick to give the "best" prices and deals, but can't handle the volumes! I NEVER have good reception from cell c! Once this contract is done I'm back to vodacom even if they don't ...