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Poor service delivery

Ms Carol Gorry The service we got at the hospital when we brought Mr Thako was not pleasant at all, he slept by the chairs unattended and not being cared for. He is not in a good condition to be sleeping uncomfortable as he was already complaining about chest pains. Please attend to this matter of ...

Poor service

My bag (tag 42-592318) was taken of the plane from OR to Cape Town (4Z905) due to wight constraints, Commitment was given at the airport that it will be delivered to me. On follow up Gaby (021 9362810) informed me that it will only be delivered the next day. Why was my bags weighed on boarding. Due ...

Maize meal with mold

We bought 10kgs of maize meal from Iwisa as part of the December groceries. 2 weeks ago, we decided to open the maize meal. We have been eating soft porridge made from that maize meal for the past 1 and a half weeks. We started noticing that every single person in the house began to have nausea and ...