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Fritz and Gert
Stolen Item From Car

My Nissan Qashqai went in for a diagnostic test. After asking the service center if it would be fine for me to leave some of my personal items in the boot of my car (2 x caps, hat and windbreaker) they said it is not a problem. After receiving the car back late that afternoon I realized one cap was ...


I am an 80 year old Shoprite customer. On 4th January when I went to Shoprite for my SASSA pension in Moorreesburg I was harassed by a beggar at the entrance asking me to give him R20. I replied in harse words to him to go away. When I came out of the shop he harassed me again and also had one of ...

Norwood Mall

Good day my mother fell today at the Norwood mall. The security at the mall didn't even try help all they did was looked at us and laughed my mother is 65 year old no assistance so disappointed ...