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Security officer
Bad behaviour

I stood by the gate for more than 10min the officer on duty was very rude he didnt want to open for me he insisted i must use my finger print which i did and it was not working he open for other people who came after me becauese he sad tht ive got attitude im late now i cant go to work pls assist ...

Car track
Device installed not working

Installed device stopped working in less than 10 days of installation, almost a month later when I needed to locate my car which was at that point missing I could not be helped because my car device was faulty. Was told to open a case and then call them back to get assistance. ...

Trishen and Nerusha
Poor service

Trishen never keeps his word and always messes around. Terrible workmanship, burglar guards fitted poorly, damaged wall tiles, and insists it should be fitted in that way. Steve the directors attitude is the same. Nerusha always schedules guys to come but no one turns up. ...