Poor management and customer service

I went to Roman's Pizza Palm centre in Polokwane on Grobler Street today 27 September 2022. My intentions were to buy three dessert pies for my children after seeing the pictures of the new products all over the same Roman's pizza and other outlet around Polokwane.

I was assisted by ALFRED as shown on his name badge. After greetings I ordered the dessert pies and to my shock he said to me I am not white I cannot even swallow the pies because they are very sweet and they are not intended for Black people but white people. I thought he was joking and I brushed him off by saying they are not for me but my children who asked me to buy for them to get a taste of the new pies. He started being very loud and told me He has experienced returns from black customers who are complaining that they bought the wrong pies. He said to me go for pizza pies because they are black food and went on to say where on earth have I seen black people eating bread with chocolate, he was becoming intimidating and loud and having an attitude. I told him rather I buy them and if it is not what the kidd where expecting then in future I will know never to go for them. He continued to stress that the dessert pies are sold for white people not black people. I looked at him and his badge and said nothing and ended up buying x3 pizza pies and I added one dessert pie and I told him it's for my children to taste the new flavor and they will take it from there whether they like them or not. He laughed very sarcastically and started dancing and talking to the colleagues behind the preparation counter. Then he took my order and said he is not going to allow it if I return the dessert pie should they be not according to expectations because it is a mere bread and chocolate according to him. As I was waiting foe my order a pickup guy came to collect his orders and the same ALFRED looked at his order and asked the man if he is collecting for black or white people. I was seriously hurt and shocked at what was happening. I told myself that when my order is readynI will tell him that his customer services is not up to scratch and it stinks and he must be workshoped on how to deal with his customers. He was very not considerate and did not care al all. Besides the fact that I waited very long for my order... which I did not mind because I wanted the store to be cleared of people so that when I collect my order I give him a piece of my mind about his attitude. To my shock, when my order was ready he yelled at me and slide it to my side and went on with the people behind him. He did not even look at me or said a word. I took my order and left and I was very disappointed at his attitude and customer services skills.
My complaint now is IF Roman's Pizza new flavour is specifically made for certain race why in your advertising and marketing you do not mention this important aspect?

We live in a a cultural diverse country and I am a black woman and I could be married to a white, Indian or colored family. My skin could be black and I could be raised in a white culture.

What is happened is very wrong and the man is chasing away customers with his attitude. He must be reprimanded and be workshoped on how to treat customers. His tone was even intimidating, he lacks basic customer services and if nothing is done about this the branch in question will lose customers.



Country: South Africa   Region: Western Cape   Postal Code: 0600
Address: 11 CROWNWOOD ROAD Ormonde
Phone: 0152957633

Category: Foodstuff


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