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Debonairs Pizza

As we were getting into our car around the corner from the Debonairs, we were missed BY INCHES by a speeding bike delivery man on the pavement. We rushed over there and requested the management. They did absolutely nothing whilst the driver of the bike (clearly glassy eyed and drunk) began shouting ...

Worst experience by fa

On 01/02/2014 we went to Adega in Boksburg to celebrate my mom's birthday. We were there at 16h30. Long story dad ordered a Hunter Gold, but got something else instead. After explaining to the waiter that it's the wrong drink, he eventually got the correct one. Us as ladies ordered a ...

Doppio Zero
Disrespectful manage

Manager Danny is extremely disrespectful towards his staff members and customers. Screaming in the restaurant, calling staff swear words and every sentence contains the word, I picked it up on several occasions today was the sherry in the top. Customers left without paying after telling the manager ...